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The program is an option for inhibition of aging at the current age of the patient

Methods of traditional medicine, Despite the rapid development and introduction of new methods and technologies, Unable to rid the human body from aging phenomena. All internal organs, system and tissue cells exposed to the truly pernicious phenomenon, the outcome of which remains unchanged for all.

The secret of youth tried to unravel many of the prominent figures of science and scientists, We used a variety of approaches and tools, analyzed the countless data on results, but the mystery remains unsolved.

However,, the rapid development of advanced technologies allowed to commit a series of startling discoveries, among which inhibition of aging using the methods of the wave (quantum) Genetics.
This can be treated with scepticism, but the results of this new direction, the aforementioned information medicine, studied at the Moscow State University. Bauman.

The essence of the wave (quantum) method, allowing slow the aging process, is the application of specially developed technology of genetic information by photons, able to change its polarization. Thanks to this property when the body’s electromagnetic spectrum broadband sensing manages to achieve the ability to read and then pass the cells of various tissues information, that performs their setting and restores normal operation.

Information about vibrational dynamics and polarization parameters of healthy cells, obtained with scanning beam, is transmitted through radio waves of a wide spectrum of. The resulting structure of the digitized and using specially designed computer software translates into range of the usual range of acoustic waves, perceived by human hearing. Thus, saves information source of bioactive cell properties. The resulting acoustic signal is then used to treat aging and inhibition of cellular structures.

The proposed program activates various biological properties of cells (DNA, RNA, proteins, and other metabolites). Wrinkle treatment, skin tightening operations, hair coloring and other cosmetic procedures are only masking. In contrast, the quantum correction of biological and chemico-physiological processes, performed under this program, really allows slow down the aging process, since its foundations were laid at the gene level in cellular functions, which turns out to be wave impact.

Most effective method of demonstrating in the transmission of information, obtained from stem cells and umbilical cord blood, for which biological time does not exist: all children are born with the same zero age, regardless of the age of their parents.

Using information about the model health happens wave correction of functional abnormalities of cells from selected rules. Thanks to these features the potential quantum of braking method of aging almost inexhaustible, because you can actually affect physiological processes, occurring in the human body.

The effect of

is not acting instantly, but it manifests itself gradually. Time period due to natural pace braking processes, that may not be significantly different from the rate of aging.