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Something to do with coronavirus


Matrix Garyaev "Wave Immunity"


We got unique experimental results., which, probably related to, related to the Covida pandemic. We saw and recorded, that real genes can dematerialize and be components of non-real electromagnetic fields. And genes can reappear as matter, as proved by quantum physics for elementary particles – photons, electrons etc. However,, where does the Coronavirus pandemic? His genes, as a collection of elementary particles, also (I guess) can acquire the state of an electromagnetic field. As a result, genes temporarily disappear as matter. This means, that under certain conditions our genes and virus genes, infected us, can fluctuate in such a quantum way – then disappear, then arise. If so, then we can now explain the unusual and dangerous behavior of the Covid-19 coronavirus genes for us, which already infected hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom die. What is unusual and dangerous, in this sense,, new coronavirus behavior? When tested in humans, it may or may not show up in tests., which threatens more and more infection, since it will misinform physicians – whether or not to treat people with such a „sleeping” and invisible virus, also cause panic, when everyone will suspect and fear each other. The same applies to asymptomatic conditions of people., when they are hit by Covid, but do not know about it. If we understand this and do not close our eyes to it, then we, at least, now we will know this danger, to understand its physical and genetic mechanisms, to avoid consequences. Hide from this danger, the consequences will be more devastating.
Another formidable feature of the situation with Covid is already in ourselves., more precisely, in a significant misunderstanding by geneticists and virologists of our genetic code, in spite of the fact, what kind of work in this area received two Nobel prizes in 1962 and 1968. This created the illusion for many years., what about DNA and the genetic code, we know almost everything. But this is far from the case.. A lack of understanding of the work of our and viral genetic apparatus is particularly acute now, when medicine is almost powerless against Covid-19. In addition to wearing masks and isolating people from each other, she can offer nothing substantial. Medicine cannot create a vaccine against Covid, because the virus constantly and quickly changes its components (mutates), replacing them with analogues, which excludes the creation of a vaccine, as is already the case for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – For almost 30 years, inconclusive work in this direction has been going on.. Coronavirus worse, he mutates even faster. With old genetics and virology, we will remain in one place, wasting huge money on useless work. We need a fundamentally new genetics and virology. It’s, First of all, Linguistic wave genetics (BTY), which we have been developing since 1984, experiencing tremendous resistance and inhibition from official science.
What can LVH offer to combat Covid-19? ? The first and most important thing is the revision and correction of the old model of the genetic code. The model is strategically incorrect, and hence, wrong at all. What is her mistake and how can her correction help fight the coronavirus? Her mistake is, that she ignores the linguistic (textual) part of genetic coding, she denies meaningfulness (at its level) genes as parts of texts with its components – words, the roots of words, prefixes, morphemes, phonemes, punctuation, declensions, conjugations, sometimes, probabilistic aspects of the meanings of genetic texts, etc.. The second, and also ignored (to a lesser extent) Biological officialdom is the study of the cant level coding of genetic information, the functioning of protein genes at the material and wave levels, not excluding, but complementing each other. Ignoring, persecution of people, working in this vast field of knowledge, already brought us to the actual gene global disaster, associated with the use of genetically modified foods. But this is a special topic and conversation.. How does this state of affairs manifest itself when “genetic engineers” work with coronavirus? Simple example, such a word, sort of gene, like ‘Joy’, completely reverses the meaning, if you change only one letter in it and get a new word (gen) – Muck. Or instead of the word COD get the word COLL. Even moving a comma from one place to another in texts can also completely change their meaning. This is what completely changed neutral coronavirus to pathogenic Covid-19 due to artificial short gene (text) insertions into his genetic apparatus (RNA chromosome). The test and meaning of the RNA of the initial coronavirus was distorted, and we got that, what they got – battle virus, which we cannot control because, that we don’t understand yet gene language, including. viral genes. And now what i can do? Learn these languages. I have already published 5 articles on this topic.. But they are few read, as they change the old model of the genetic code, which is false, but used to it. Yes, and it’s always hard to relearn. The text of the RNA of the Covid-19 chromosome must be returned to its original form. But this is not possible for every coronavirus, and their billions in sick people. However, they may, as said above, be in quantum, not material condition and, in principle, the, may be part of our chromosomes, but only after materializing them and rewriting their text from RNA to DNA due to the enzyme present in our cells – reverse transcriptase. This can lead to the transformation of coronavirus into another, retrolike, virus through a fairly complex metabolic pathway, and this, probably related to, saves us from an instant pandemic. But the „genetic engineers”, with incomplete knowledge of the theory of genetic coding, here they can make another crime against humanity, in addition to what has already been done regarding the creation of the combat Covid-19. Let’s Say, in the laboratory, we returned the Covid-19 to the old, not dangerous condition. But how to do, to displace pathogenic? Not known. To superimpose in a quantum way the coronavirus that has returned to a relatively neutral state to all coronaviruses? Let’s Say, happened, but will this lead to the desired result? Not known.
The only way out of the prevailing rather gloomy circumstances is to immediately begin worldwide research in the field of Linguistic-wave genetics.. A certain theoretical and experimental groundwork in this area we already have, the main part of which is, that we can already operate with quantum copies of genes, which in the future will allow us to turn off the RNA genes of Covid-19 and other patho viruses, like RNA, and DNA containing. Turning off their genes in a quantum way means inactivating them. This is another way to solve the Covid-19 problem..
Add, that we got a positive result on pathogenic bacteria, introducing certain destruction into their genetic apparatus. We received a spintronic spectrum of such damage.. This spectrum blocked the development of pathogenic bacteria.. In fact, we got a quantum vaccine against these bacteria. It makes sense to continue this work regarding Covid-19.

Dr. Peter P. Garyaev.
Academician RAEN, RAMTN and LIST