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This is the second fundamental work, underpinning our research. She experimentally proves, that wave remote broadcast of the DNA in the form of its quantum equivalent (Phantom) It is possible to. This confirms our, prior to this study, the results

Abstract. Detected, that some DNA sequences of bacteria and viruses cause low-frequency electromagnetic waves in fluids, containing a large amount of water. This phenomenon, as it turned out, is due to external electromagnetic background of very low frequency. We will discuss this phenomenon in the context of quantum field theory. Proposed scheme, the disclosure of the research results. A well-known phenomenon can develop a highly sensitive detection system of chronic bacterial and viral infections.

1. Introduction

Over the past 60 years the development of basic knowledge in biology, and in many ways and medicine to research in the field of DNA. Here is a partial list of the, highlighting the main advance in the study of DNA:

1944 Transformation of bacterium with a DNA (O. Avery, (C). McLeod, and M. McCarty)
1953 to explain the structure of the double helix ((J). Watson, (F). Crick, (M). Wilkins, R. Franklin)
1956. DNA polymerase ((A). Basements Are)
1968 Restriction enzymes (W. Arber)
1969 Reverse transcription of retroviruses (H. Temin, (D). Baltimore)
1976 Determination of DNA sequence ((A). Maxam, W. Gilbert, (F). Sanger Institute)
1986-1988 Polymerase Chain Reaction ((K). Mullis) Taq DNA polymerase (R. K. Saiki)
2001 The first sequence of the human genome
2004-2010 sequence of the high throughput DNA.

On the other hand, accumulated information about the effects of electromagnetic (EM.) fields on living organisms. Data rate em. the field covers various intervals, Depending on the different values of organisms. In the previous document, referring to the recently published results of experiments [1, 2, 3], We were considering a new property of DNA, associated with the influence of extremely low frequency (KNČ) EM. fields. These fields can be influenced by certain procedures in aqueous solutions, they can disseminate information, contained in the DNA of the original organisms, to other.
Picture 1. A device for capturing and analysis of em. signals. (1) Spiral of copper wire, resistance 300 ohms. (2) Closed plastic tube, containing 1 ml solution for analysis. (3) Amplifier. (4) Computer.

Article consists of three parts: new facts, theoretical scheme for their discussion and medical application.

2. New facts: new property of DNA and the action of electromagnetic waves in aqueous solutions.

The story began a decade ago, When one of us (L.M.) He studied behavior of small bacteria, the frequent companion of HIV, Mycoplasma pirum, and, similar to HIV, lover of human lymphocytes. L. M. trying to separate the bacterium, the size of which is about 300 nm, virus particles, whose size is approximately 120 nm, by filtration using a 100 nm filter and 20 nm. Starting with a pure culture of bacteria on lymphocytes, effluents were totally ineffective for bacteria in the development of rich cellular environment, SP4. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and nested PCR, based on instructions, obtained through the work with genes (M). Pirum, that had previously been cloned and are arranged in numerical order (adgezin), have failed the seep liquid canister. However,, When the filtrate was incubated with human lymphocytes, (previously verified the lack of mikoplazma) Mycoplasma with all their properties regularly restored! Then the question arose: What information was transmitted to the water filtrate? This was the beginning of a long study on physical properties of DNA in water. Really, It was found new property of DNA (M). Pirum: the issue of low-frequency waves in some aqueous solutions of leachate, She soon discovered the DNA from other bacteria and viruses.

Device, used to detect electromagnetic signals, included solenoid, detecting the magnetic component of the waves, produced by a solution of DNA in a plastic tube, Converts the signals into electric current. This current further intensified and, Finally, was analysed using a laptop and special software (Fig. 1).

Here is a summary of the laboratory studies, more fully described in [1, 2, 3]:

1) Over low-frequency electromagnetic waves (VLF 500-3000 Hz) some solutions were found in leachate (100 nm, 20 nm) cultures of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria) or human plasma, infected by the same agents (Rice. 2). The same results are obtained with DNA, learned of them.
2) Electromagnetic signals (EMC) are not linearly correlated with the initial number of bacterial cells to their filtering. In one experiment, EMC were the same in suspension cells (E). coli, varying between 10 9 to 10 Hz. This phenomenon does not allow deviations.

[clear] Figure 2. Typical signals of aqueous solutions (M). pirum (Matlab software). Note the positive signals solutions from D-7 to D-12.

3) EMC is observed only in some solutions of the leachate with high moisture content. For Example, solutions from 10-9 to 10-18 certain drugs filtrates (E). coli.
4) In the case of the M. pirum separated single gene (adgezin, previously cloned and sekvenirovannyj) was able to call EMC. Because the gene was cloned into two pieces, each individual piece was able to produce EMC, that suggests, that short DNA sequence sufficient for the production of signals. Similarly,, short DNA sequence of HIV (104 base pairs) It was easy for EMC.
5) Some bacteria do not produce EMC: as in the case of probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, as well as some laboratory species (E). coli, used as a vector kloniruûŝego.
6) These studies have been extended to viruses, Although not all the viral family were studied. Like EMC were found in some exogenous retroviruses (HIV, leukemia), hepatitis viruses (hepatitis B, (C)) and influenza a (culture in vitro). In General, EMC (and the accompanying spinor field? PG) It is made 20 nm filtrates viral suspensions or èkstragirovannymi DNA. The question remains for RNA viruses (hepatitis C, flu): whether RNA mature viral particles EMC source or not? In the case of HIV RNA are EMC virus particles, but the provirusnymi are made of DNA, present in the infected cells. In the case of EMC bacteria produced filtrates 100 nm, 20 nm but not filtrates, that shows the, that the size of the structures, generating EMC varies between 20 and 100 nm. This justifies the name of nanostructures. This research is likely to suggest, What we are dealing with nanostructures, consisting of water. Has been used highly purified water, However, you cannot delete the role the slightest traces of impurities. EMC is production stable to: Rnase activity, DNKazy (Although this destroys the DNA in the EMC), Protease (Proteinase k), Detergent (LTOS). However, they are sensitive to high temperature (more than 70° c) and low temperature (-80ºS).
This sensitivity is reduced with purified DNA sequences short. Technical conditions for the occurrence of EMS are shown in the following list:
– Filtering: 450/100 nm for bacterial DNA, 450/20 nm for viral DNA

Figure 3. The transfer of genetic information from the DNA in the water through the electromagnetic waves.

– Solution with great breeding water
– Mechanical stirring (Vortex) between each solution
– Extremely low-frequency excitation (KNČ) electromagnetic environment, starting from a very low value in 7Hz. Excite does not occur, When the system is protected by MU-metal cage.

2.1. Transfer of DNA sequence through the waves and water.

In further experiments, DNA fragment of HIV, taken from a long terminal repeat (LTR-sequence), has been used as a source of DNA. This fragment was amplified by PCR (487 bp) and nested PCR (104 base pairs) using special primers. In the first phase were created by DNA solutions, where was the production of EMC in the external electromagnetic environment. Further, the following steps were taken. As shown in Figure 3, one of the benefits of raising (Let’s say 10-6) It was placed in a container, a protected layer of mu-metal thickness of 1 mm (which reduces the absorption of excess low-frequency waves). There was another test tube, containing pure water. Water contents of each tube was filtered through 450 nm and 20 nm filters and diluted from 10-2 to 10-15. Around them was a copper solenoid, generating an electrical current of low intensity, with a frequency of about 7 Hz, produced by external generator.

The produced magnetic field was maintained for 18 hours at room temperature. Then EMC were recorded for each test tube. It Turned Out, as the blood collection tube, containing only water, emits the EMC dilutions, sootveKDtvuûŝih positive EMC in the original tube with DNA.

These results show, that with regard to the transfer of 7 Hz. oscillations, originally initiated by the original DNA nanostructure, occurs in clean water. It was found, the following restrictions inhibit the transfer of EMC to the tube with water: (PG: controls!)

The dwell time of less than two tubes 16 – 18 hours
No spiral
Off the magnetic field generator
Excitation frequency < 7Hz
Absence of DNA in tube 1.

At this stage is the most critical step was taken, a study of features of water of nanostructures, subjected to impact by reviving one DNA sequence. To do this, all the ingredients to create a DNA polymerase chain reaction (nucleotides, the primers, the polymerase) were added to the tube with water-recipient. Development took place while the classic conditions (35 cycles) in termociklere. The DNA was further electrophoresis in agarose gel. The plot was discovered DNA the estimated size of the initial slice long terminal repeats.
Further confirmed, the sequence of the DNA matches or nearly matches the initial sequence of DNA long terminal repeats. Actually, It coincides 98% (raznitsa in two nucleotides) of 104. This experiment was highly repeatable (12 of 12) and was also duplicated with another sequence the DNA of bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, causative agent of Lyme disease. It was clearly shown, that water nanostructures and their electromagnetic resonance can surely save DNA. the elements support interesting explanation of our experiment on filter Mycoplasma pirum (Fig. 1): nanostructures, caused by DNA (M). pirum in filtered water, represent various segments of its genomic DNA. Each nanostructure on contact with human lymphocytes retro transkribirueKDâ sootveKDtvuûŝej DNA in some cellular DNA-polimerazami. Next, There is a certain probability (even very low), that each piece of DNA to be reunited in the same cage with other fragments to reconstruct the entire genome DNA. You must allow, that eukaryotic cells synthesis component of mycoplasmas (membrane lipids, Ribosomes) can also be carried out DNA Mycoplasma. The only set of cells of Mycoplasma full enough to produce infection of lymphocytes. Recent experiments Group G. Vinter revealed [5], the synthetic genome DNA is capable of supporting all of the properties of the Mycoplasma. All the steps, taken in the field of regeneration of water, You can analyse and check.

3. Theoretical foundations

These pilot studies meet the physical perspective, considering the biological dynamics of interacting chemical processes and em. relationships; in other words, as the network of biochemical reactions under em. the influence of.
We will try to explain the above experimental results in the recently proposed theory of liquid water, based on quantum field theory (KTP) [6]-[11]. This theory is non-linear in nature, and it offers the suitable tools to explain the complex set of processes, which are also non-linear.
Let’s summarize the main points of the theory, whose details are on the links.
The starting point is understanding, that the molecules of liquid water cannot be associated pure static interaction (H-link, Electric dipole-dipol′noe interaction). Their pairing is called dynamic izlučatel′nym em. field contains long range. Short-term static connections, such as H-links, next is the result of condensation of molecules, caused by such radiant fields with longer reach.

The main results of this theory

[6] – [11]:


(a) A set of molecules, interacting with radiating em. field reaches, above the threshold density and lower critical temperature, new non-trivial condition, best of ènergozatratam, different from conventional, the vibrations of molecules are mutually independent, (a) em. box disappears. The new State of optimal energy consumption refers to the configuration of the system, in which all the molecules are enclosed within the extended area, designated Coherent Domains (CD), vary synchronously according to the em. field, captured inside the CD. The size of this extended area corresponds to the wavelength λ of the captured em. fields. Joint coherent oscillation of molecules, components of the CD, arise between the State of peace separate molecule and restlessness, with a capacity, According to atomic physics, Shire, the resting volume. The wavelength λ of the captured em. the field depends on the energy of excitation Eexc through equation:(1)

λ = hc/Eexc

CD is samoproizvodnym space for EM. fields, Thanks to the famous Higgs mechanism is the Qibla [9], that implies, that a photon of em. field is an imaginary mass, by becoming a, Thus, Unable to leave the CD. Only samozahvatyvanie em. the guarantees, that energy CD has the ultimate lower bound of. Because of this samozahvatyvaniâ the frequency of em. the CD is much lower free field frequency with the same wavelength. The above results are applicable to all fluids. Water has such a feature, coherent oscillations that occur between a rest state and a state of excitation at 12.06 eV below the ionization level (12.60 eV). In the case of liquid water CD (which according to the equation (1) is 100 nm) includes a set of nearly free electrons, able to take energy, coming from outside, and convert it into a coherent excitation (twist), entropy which is much below, than the entropy of the incoming energy. In consequence of this CD water can become dissipativnymi bodies in the context of Thermodynamics of irreversible processes [12] – [14].

(b) Relationship among the molecules is balanced by any nonzero temperature T thermal collisions, that can make a mess in the molecule, as seen in the image of the Landau liquid helium [15]. The rivalry between the electrodynamic attraction and thermal noise causes permanent crossing of molecules between linking and nesvâzyvaniâ. For this value of T is the total number of communicating and nesvâzyvaûŝihsâ molecules is constant, but each molecule oscillates between two modes, producing lasting changes in the distribution of space, communicating and nesvâzyvaûŝihsâ fractions of molecules. It is this volatile picture is of two phases of liquid water is, If we talk about the experiment with a sufficiently long time permissions, the appearance of water as a homogeneous fluid. However, this property persists only for bulk water. Near the surface of the attraction between water molecules and surfaces can protect a coherent structure of thermal noise, giving impetus to the development of a coherent structure stabilization. It’s, in particular, case with living organisms, the water molecules are associated with membranes or biomolecules spine. In this case, KD sohranâûâ long enough, to demonstrate the features of the cohesion.

(c) CD store energy, coming from outside in the form of coherent eddies. These flurries persisted for a long time because of the associating, so that a continuous flow of energy produces the accumulation of eddies; they are summed up, giving impetus to the growth of a funnel, the energy which is the sum of the energies of each folded excitations. Thus, KD water can save considerable amounts of energy in a coherent excitation, able to activate molecular electron freedom degree; This high energy is the sum of many small income, the initial entropy which was high.

(d) KD range at a frequency, common with em. fields and water molecules, and this frequency is changing, When the energy is stored in the CD. When the oscillation frequency in CD is the same as the frequency fluctuations of some non-aqueous species of molecules, present within the boundaries of the CD, These „strange” molecules become participants in the CD, able to capture all stored energy, which is activation energy of foreign molecules; gradually CD discharges, and can start a new cycle of oscillation. This mechanism is the same as the assumption of the Albert Szent-gyorgyi [16], that half a century ago proposed the theory that the, that water, surrounding biomolecules, should be a source of perturbation molecular electron levels, responsible for chemical reactions. Moreover, If the set of frequencies, able to attract monomers, make up polymers, excited CD water, the polymer is a monomer attraction to CD, in view of the, they are present in solution. Thus, You can call the polymerisation of monomers, supplying in water solution of monomers em CD. the relevant frequencies (electromagnetic information).
PG: and where is the complementary DNA recognition-like the water matrix during PCR? Do not have them in this theory. Here attract na. Bul′onkova water with its „DNA”. link and a copy of his article in „Biophysics”, 1988.

(e) The combined effect of the water CD, giving impetus to the creation of the synchronous biochemical activity in mezoskopičeskoj area, should require a constant speed of energy input for all participating CD. This requirement is met by, consisting of electrolyte ions, the main role of biodynamics is well known. Ions near water attracted em CD. field, captured in the territory; Thus, they are held in rotation around the site, coming from a circular speed, proportional to the so-called giromagnitnoj frequency of Vc:

where q and m is the mass of the ion and electric charge respectively, and B is the magnetic field. Since DNA, as well as proteins are polyelectrolytes, they are surrounded by a cloud of positive counterions; ions with gyromagnetic frequency between 1 Hz and 100 play an important role. M. Žadin [17], as well as Žadin and Giuliani [18] experimentally determined, that the application of a magnetic field, the giromagnitnoj ion frequency, on the system, in which there are ions, separates these ions from their orbits. This mechanism theoretically explained in [19]. Because of the preservation of torque from ciklotronnyh ions Office orbits causes rotational movement of quasifree electrons CD water, which, Thus, become perturbed energy [20]. In the case of, When you can afford, the concentration of ions is uniform in mezoskopičeskoj field and the applied magnetic field also has mezoskopičeskij size, the amount of disturbance of energy may be taken as uniform in the area, includes a large number of CD water, which are evenly, Thus, providing a link between them. Resistance to such extremely low-frequency magnetic fields ensures sustainable institution of KD water and consequently their is catalyzed by the activity of biochemical. (PG: the catalysis? From Where?)
Now, let us analyze the results of the experiment, described in Section 2, in the theoretical framework, summarized above.

To understand the role, played Wednesday low em. frequency, exploring it for charging energy CD water, a resonant oscillating magnetic field. In higher organisms, such as people, This field can be made nervous system. Simple organisms, such as bacteria, It is necessary to use external fields. Good for this are principles of the geomagnetic field by Schumann [4]. These principles are sustainable modes and are made of magnetic activity (Lightning, etc.), arising in the, limited surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere, which acts as a mirror wall for wavelength greater than several hundred meters. These stable regimes should have Vs, which ideally is such:

where R is the radius of the Earth. In fact the earth-ionosphere is not ideal, so the real rate is slightly lower, than specified in the equation (3). In fact, experimentally the highest values ​​were found about 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.
As a consequence,, to charge the energy CD, biological system should select ions with the same coefficient of q/m, to set a local value B in the body, the value of, specified in the equation (2), consistent with one of the Schumann resonances. The local value (B) should not be significantly different from the values of the magnetic field of the Earth, about 50 microtesla.
As explained in paragraph (e) above, the ions are separated from their orbits, When the magnetic field (B) acts in such a way, What is the ion cyclotron frequency. This is really happening in the geomagnetic field mode Schumann 7.83 Hz. This separation of ions from their ciklotronnyh orbit occurs sequentially due to the conservation of rotational moment, reverse rotation of plasma electrons in a quasi-CD, the frequency of which depends, of course, the number of ions, and more precisely, from their concentration, which, Thus, is the only relative variable. This phenomenon occurs equally in all CD systems, number of which it is not connected, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Section 2.
As a result caused by plasma rotation thus quasi free electrons in the CD is considered a signal of EMC.
Confirmation, that the frequency produced magnetic activity, is the fact, that outrage is the absorption of Mu-metal.
Summing Up, You can say, that the above analysis sootvesttvuet the role, 7.83 Hz frequency which plays observations (see. section 2).
Interesting, that, When the cyclotron orbit around a body of water saturated with those ions, that do not match the circulating Schumann, activity of the biological system is suppressed. This behavior is consistent with the fact, that, as we know, exist as ions, stimulating biological activity, and Jonah, suppressing her. The above conclusion is valid, Of course, only if em. Wednesday is the natural (Schumann modes) or artificial with frequencies, same with Schumann frequencies; If there is artificial EM. a field with a different frequency distribution, There will be a permutation of suitable and unsuitable ions. This property can provide a reasonable explanation for the observed effects of extremely low-frequency fields on physiological activity.
You can also watch, that dependence on the concentration dependence of signal frequency from aqueous solution. Since angular momentum is quantized, threshold value solution (concentration of ions) is assumed to be the natural way, as you can see. Arguing for more details, Suppose, someone could separate n ions on CD, then the plasma quasi free electrons N starts to rotate with a frequency much higher, than ion-cyclotron frequency, because the electron mass is much smaller, than the mass of the ion. Corresponding to the resonant field arises around the CD speed, and it can be a source of extended link to CD.
CD frequency decreases with dilution water solution. The existence of zone (window) the degree of dilution (see. Paragraph 3 of Section 2) You can understand, by allowing, that signal, produced by lower razbavleniâmi, could have a higher frequency of, the range of values, -used tools. Higher dilution solutions (DNA? PG), in front of the, can produce a signal, because the ion concentration falls below the threshold of, the possible initiation of CD.
Note, that link between the CD in the field of mesoscopic excitation, produced in the presence of excitation energy in this area, could not validate dispersion transmission em. Radiant fields. Here the crucial role played by the special structure of DNA and its coherent water. This point will be discussed further on the basis of the chemical structure of particular DNA fragments, used in experiments. This important study is in our plans.
Field, associated with EMC, produced using non-linear mechanism, described above, can also cause linking between DC in the second test tube with clean water, where it is possible to intervene in terms of, established in experiments, described in subsection 2.1.
The phenomenon is similar to the proximity effect, the observed two superconducting transitions in nets or samples Josephson, the samples or the grid come in State of phase locking. In the present case, this condition is expressed in the transfer phase locking of disturbed em. the microstructures of water, the DNA in the first tube. When the water in the second CD the tube brought em. field, from the first tube, DNA is built according to the process, in paragraph (d) of the preceding section. Phase synchronisation with particular frequency em. fields, extending into the tube with the original DNA, clearly reflected in the condition of microstructures of water, of which restored the original DNA sequence (98% identity).
(PG: It is restored on the structure and sequence of nucleotides? A word about it.) On the other hand, the observed high reproducibility of the experiment finds explanation in the high stability of coherent structures (CD and coherent group CD). A series of experiments was conducted to confirm the accuracy of the recently described a theoretical scheme.
Finally, We have the opportunity to observe, at this stage of our consideration of theoretical analysis can lead to a qualitative agreement with properties, observed in experiments. For quantitative agreement is required to submit to special models as part of an overall theoretical scheme, described above. We leave this work for the future.

And medical use

This article describes the experiments, demonstrating new quality of DNA and induction of electromagnetic waves in aqueous solutions. We briefly describe the theoretical scheme, able to qualitatively explain properties, the data obtained in the experiments.
Note, that the same EMC can detect from plasma of patients, suffering from various infections and chronic diseases. Plasma should be fresh and not frozen. If the plasma is frozen at a temperature of – 70 ° C, you need to extract DNA to rehabilitation of signals. Also you can extract DNA from biopsy tissues. List of diseases, where were found EMC (for example, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, different neuropathology, chronic Lyme syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis) indicates, they are present not only in infectious diseases. The fact, What EMC found not only in infectious diseases, is interesting and leads us to search for bacterial or viral factors in these diseases. HIV is a special case. Constantly captured signals, from DNA sequences of HIV in patients ‘ blood, were seropositive and it reacted positively to the disappearance of the RNA copies in the circulating blood. This should indicate, that such DNA come from the source, beyond the classical treatment, instead of viral particles, circulating in the blood. Moreover, not only patients ‘ plasma, but part of their red blood cells, that give DNA signals. This is interesting, because red blood cells do not contain cellular DNA, and the virus is not associated with erythrocytes (PG: It may be phantoms DNA). Explores the possible participation of third element. The hypothesis was presented [2] about, that had been receiving antiretroviral treatment, including reverse transcriptase inhibitors, it elects a new way to play the viral DNA, using one or more of the cellular DNA polymerases. With regard to DNA (M). pirum, is assumed to be, that DNA fragments of HIV and their nanostructures, present in the blood, can occur from cell lysis, (a), in front of the, be a particle size, can recover in the appropriate cells of the recipient (lymphocytes), forming a whole genomic DNA, and, Finally, revived infective virus. Whatever the source of the DNA, its easy identification by using electromagnetic signals can make its biomarkers to control the source of the virus. Their existence in the blood also was confirmed by a more classical PCR technology [2]. Thus, There is a powerful tool for testing new treatments, intended to destroy HIV, unreachable so far, with the help of used methods treating. This is especially important for patients in countries, where HIV prevalence is very high (5 – 10% in much of sub-Saharan Africa). Is the process of starting clinical trials in West and southern Africa to test new treatments. Their effectiveness will be monitored this new way, In addition to confirming the more classical methods, by estimating the full recovery of the immune system. The task is to eliminate the HIV virus, to patients until the end of his life did not have to be treated with toxic and expensive drugs. Our work is an interdisciplinary, the biologists, physicists and doctors. Of course, There are many outstanding issues, arising from our research. On these issues, there is still work. DNA signaling stimulates natural waves in 7Hz, existing on Earth. Wave, which produces the human brain, They are also within 7Hz. It is an interesting phenomenon, the explanation that has yet to find a.

DNA waves and water

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