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Theory and experiments:
The proposed work has previously proposed theory of external management and self-management of the quantum organisms ‘ in vitro-in vivo using biogolografičeskoj information. This stage of development theory refers to the bioznakovoj of polarization of laser light, i.e.. by golografirovaniû. It occurs when scanning (reading) matrix of genetic donor nanostructures beam special laser dvuhmodovogo.
Biosystems also capable to scan-correction (Computing Conference) themselves their own coherent radiation chromosome continuum in the range 250-800nm. We merely repeat the endogenous nanotechnology in vitro. This computing;, whether in the living organism or an artificial person repeats, a širokospektral′noj wave pool information, that organisms use to own regulation, and we take it for a purposeful management of Biosystems metabolism.
Mathematical model of dynamic polarization-selected changes the metabolism of Biosystems through laser golografirovaniâ-computing in vitro-in vivo. Discusses the common mechanisms of natural and artificial biological profiles management, as well as some details of the method and device for practical work in this direction. From the perspective of theory and its application to address some, We received earlier, the experimental work of this kind, which prove the correctness of our models of wave of genetic functions Biosystems.
Introductory observations:
The concept and the term ‘ holography ‘ derived from two Greek words: ‘ a ‘ and ‘ image ‘. Until recently, the creature holography was the technology method of spatial (Three-dimensional) and space-time (4-mer) image of an object. Now the concept has expanded dramatically and holography applied to the structure and function of the brain and the genetic apparatus of organisms. If we talk about genetic pamaâti, What does it mean, the chromosome continuum, as quantum biocomputers, operates with 4-dimensional wave images of its own dynamic strategic management structure for metabolizers.
When phase (transparent) the structure of the object throughout the space golografiruemogo is a complete and detailed image. The first method golografirovaniâ a d. Gabor in 1948 and significantly amended domestic scientists. The method is based on the interference of coherent radiation of any nature. For Example, at the same time as the „signal fotoplastinku” wave, diffuse object, send „crawling peg” or reference wave from the same light source. Occurs when the interference of these waves painting, contains full information about the object, fixed on the photosensitive surface. It’s called a hologram. When exposed to a hologram or her plot anchor wave you can see three-dimensional image of the object. Holography is widely used in various fields of engineering and physics (in particular, for pattern recognition and information coding), in acoustics (for the detection of internal defects in metallic structures, for example, in nuclear power plants) and so on. Holography has great promise in creating three-dimensional film and television.
This work (like some other) are the continuation of studies, which were developed under the direction of and.. Prangishvili. He warmly supported the new in those years (1997-2001 GG) the hypothesis of holographic properties of Biosystems and holographic manipulation. Under holographic office we understand a change of metabolism and structure of cells as a result of the governing acoustic, light or electromagnetic form factors.
In the management of biological systems is holographic information transfer from donor to recipient. During the laser holographic experimental studies on plants in 1997 was justified by physical and mathematical phenomenon of holographic information broadcast from donor to recipient. The essence of this phenomenon consists in passing a special laser light through the translucent biological tissues and cells donors wave equivalent of genetic and metabolic information. Donors here act as holographic probing light modulators. This modulation, actually, and a polarization-phase golografirovaniem of structure and cell metabolism (including. the genetic) the status of the donor. The result is a complex dynamic register 4-dimensional images-commands, that has created a quantum bio computer to control the recipient organisms. Such artificial quantum bio computer actually greatly simplified variant repeats that in vitro, What makes our genetic system as the natural DNA-wave biokomp′ûtera in vivo.

For sustainable and without distortions of memorization in vivo in the radiative flux data is read at the same time proposed optical treatment of cell nuclei as the vibroustojčivyh Repeater sensor dynamic polarization holograms. The physical basis of the principle of excess Encoding Converter each amplitude-phase-scattering point of an object in the form of polarizing quasi Newton’s rings.
In our experiments for regeneration of the pancreas in rats was conducted vibroustojčivaâ polarization-transfer of dynamic holographic information from donor to recipient. The rather long and purposeful okolorezonansnom exhibiting the recipient was a phenomenon of the recipient State management through the holographic artificially broadcast holographic information, coming from the cells and tissues of the donor. As a result of the recipient’s stem cells receive information pulse to the top differencirovok in the direction of postembryonic morphogenesis with the full restoration of the pancreas in rats. We do not know, What types of (or type) stem cells are here, It is a subject for future research. In the process, it turned out, the main pool biogolografičeskoj information is in polarization-dynamic modulations Euler angle. This can be explained by the fact, that after a partial reflection of the laser beam and passing through each point of light cone are donors of the scattered radiation, the laser from orthogonally-circular polarization is converted to a space-conical distribution. Here is the key event is the interaction of the scattered radiation of light cones with the supporting wave polarization. It is synthesized by the sensor-converter, that may be associates are polarization active cell nuclei. When such interactions are spatially distributed polarization quasi-Newton’s rings. Living cells is always metabolically and polarization non-stationary environment. However,, light, multiple such environments, gives a quasi Newton’s rings, practically stationary relative to each other and relative to the origin of, select in space, the object of the donor. This is due to the relative cohesion between donor points. Variables of the Euler angles are caused by microscopic amplitudnymi fluctuations in donor points, the dynamic state of the living cells of a biological object. These variable angles are the angles between the lines, tangents to moving a polarizing quasi-rings, and coordinate axes, addressing a donor.
In addition, It was possible to transmit information from a donor in the far zone, where the recipient was. Under the far zone, as usual, refers to the distance, much larger than the wavelength of the laser sounding signal. To understand and implement this process, developed the concept of cell-core polarization quasi lenses. Physics and the principle of operation of such lenses is, that they, as polarized light and at the same time as sources of coherent light (250-800nm), located in the cytoplasmic cellular continuum, scan your own and cytoplasmic polarization modulation. A key contribution to the synthesis of biogologramm, and this is the least explained fenomenologiej.

These same factors addressed the problem of dynamic stability of polarization holograms, that was particularly important for living organisms. If any micro movements of the laser beam on the target of the donor or donor’s beam, for example, because of the seismic motion Foundation, the laser and/or due to the stationarity of the donor, along the donor’s cells there is a relatively stable system of polarization of Newton’s rings. In other words, from laser sensing donors polarizing biogolografičeskie images are stable, not blurred and therefore recognizes the recipient as regulatory biosistemoj.
With holographic encoding and broadcasting of information managed to solve the problem of maintaining redundancy. This redundancy is understood here to mean, It is the direct and inverse Fourier transform, which is, in the first place, in the formation and registration of each donor’s point of quasi-Newton’s rings and, Secondly, in their reverse Fourier. Direct Fourier transform gives a quasi-Newton’s rings for each point the donor’s cells, and the reverse-converts these rings in similar points, in the far zone to recipient. The redundancy is provided so, that when passing through cell nucleus-quasi-lenses, each donor’s cell structure is transformed into a three-dimensional polarization cones standing light wave intensity. In the case of partial erasure or vibration blur quasi-Newton’s rings, that correspond to some point of the recipient, the rest of the rings is necessary and sufficient for the proper formation of the corresponding pixel of the donor.
These are the main differences and advantages described in this work, method and device for holographic cell state management of biological systems. Due to the above decisions, was received by polarization-dynamic holographic broadcast information without geometric distortion and large-scale.
Note, to obtain holograms use and incoherent radiation. However, in this case, the coherent light to the many feedbacks, that give, eventually, biological activity transferred holographically-modulation of light, electromagnetic and acoustic channels. In addition, in the useful signal, outgoing from the donor, transmitted polarization hologram, promodulirovannaâ vibrating quasi-Newton’s rings. Modulation of the light flux biotkan′û-donor is the quadratic fotodetektorom. It is built into a laser tube. This modulation is transformed into an alternating electromagnetic signal. Significantly, the modulating vibration Newton’s rings (the rings of intensity) Displays code polarization-linear phase dynamics of each fragment of the donor micro, for example, LCD chromosomes. In turn,, micro dynamic vibration of these rings (and direct shear to them) passes the dynamics of Euler angle. All this symbolic Dynamics (holographic and key locking») resonance effect on the biome-recipient, for example, on chromosomes, reprogramming their isomorphic to the donor.
Thus, dynamic polarization-modulation of the luminous flux of the quasi-Newton’s rings is transformed when their motion in electromagnetic signal, that modulates a carrier frequency harmonics pulse generator, regulating micro offset mirror laser cavity. Maximum depth of modulation of the desired signal have a frequency range from 0,5 MHz to 1,5 MHz, that easily finds and accepts almost any medium wavelength radio.
In addition, You should also add, that repeated listening to these audio signals, We have found their biological activity. This applies to many entries to any media from the living and non-living objects-donors. Learn the results of our survey will be presented in subsequent publications.

Theoretical foundation of storage options, read and write dynamic polarization holograms based on information of biopolymers.
Previously, we have implemented a successful distantnuû (tens of meters) Laser-radiovolnovuû transfer of morphogenetic signals with biodonora (preparations of rat pancreas and spleen) by biorecipienta (rat, people with diabetes type 1), that led to the regeneration of the pancreas in the body of the sick animals and their complete recovery (control rats were killed). This fact requires theoretical and biological and physical explanations, as proof of the existence of an active genetic information in the form of an electromagnetic field is of fundamental (ideological) the value of.
Known, that basic information cell-DNA polymers, RNA, proteins and many other organisms are metabolites of nitrogen atoms in the asymmetric, so that these metabolites have optical activity and polarize light. However, it is known, the abiogennye nitrogen containing polymers are capable with high diffraction efficiency record dynamic polarizing hologram. In this regard it is interesting to consider the informational biopolymers, DNA, RNA and proteins, as possible custodians and substrates account polarization-biogolografičeskoj information, in view of the, that DNA, RNA and proteins are nitrogen containing polymers. Perhaps, because of this similarity of DNA, RNA and proteins are a special way to absorb a quantum of light with the transition between stable TRANS- izomernymi and CIS- izomernymi konformaciâmi in polipeptidyh and polinukleotydnyh chains. Of particular interest is the DNA molecule as a keeper of polarization-holographic genetic information and as an analogue of abiogennyh nitrogen containing polymers. The main contribution to the energy levels of such an elaborate scheme of polymer molecules for relatively slow processes have made their main stable conformational State of. For DNA is A,B and Z-shaped its conformers.
The likely second photoisomerization of DNA, RNA and proteins, occurring in the cells of the biorecipienta when the polarization-holographic image, may cause changes in the orientation of the absorbing transition, as well as a cross-section of absorption and chromophore hyperpolarizabilities. In turn,, fotoinducirovannoe concentrations of isomers and their spatial orientation changes the optical properties of the environment, the index of refraction and absorption coefficient. We assume, that the effectiveness of the fotoizomerizacionnogo transition is determined by the characteristics of the nitrogen-containing nucleotide sequence specific DNA and RNA, amino acid sequence of specific proteins, as well as the absorption cross-section of isomers, the quantum yield of reaction of trans-CIS isomerization and settings across the world, which modulated the biopolymers were evaluated by cell biodonora. This new polârizacionnoe State of light wave, from fabric-biodonora, and controls the intensity and polarization of biopolymers in the cells of the recipient organism.
In the holographic information laser transducer, used by us for distant transfer wave genetic signals and/or trigger wave structures, mutual orthogonality of polarized laser radiation probing fashion allows you to increase the chance of the maximum match with great axis of the DNA molecule and the orientation of liquid crystals of DNA within chromosomes. Optical response of the CIS-isomer is isotropic. The polymeric matrix equally with nitrogen-containing compounds can enter and not photosensitive neutral fragments, make your background to the optical characteristics of the connection. As a result of possible structural DNA evolutions fotoinducirovannyh rebuilding the entire polymer chains of DNA. Light-induced anisotropy of 3-dimensional distribution of nucleotides in the LCD (LCD) the continuum of DNA in the chromosomes will, probably related to, longest-lasting longer and therefore can be an important factor in the analysis of processes, responsible for sustainable and long-term storage of holographic information, recorded in topoformah DNA.

In experiments with broadcasting holographic information from cell/tissue donor cells/tissues around each recipient cell-hologram both participants in the near-field is a layer of neighbouring cells-holograms, exchange among themselves and the Central cell of the holographic information. Then each cell, In addition to its own polarization-holographic structure and its dynamic characteristics, contains more information about the nearest neighbouring holographic cells. This is another important reason for the redundancy and duplication of multiple holographic information in biological system.
Physico-mathematical description of alleged processes, similar photo isomerization and reorientation of DNA molecules, is given in terms of the angular distribution density functions. We assume all three independent molecular group, included in the DNA: TRANS-isomers, CIS-isomers and neutral molecules. Of the known system of balancing equations, describing the dynamics of distribution functions of isomers of abiogennyh polymers with a high polarization activity. It’s, to some extent,, corresponds to the processes, occurring in DNA molecules by circularly-polarized light, taking into account the influence of photosensitive polymer matrix:

Angle, solid angle angular distribution density function process Dynamics photo isomerization and reorientation of molecules in a holographic structure fotoinducirovannyh morfogenezov Biosystems.
Odds and characterize the rate of change of the intensity of isomerization. Expanded values can be written as follows:

Where is the distribution function of CIS-isomers in a molecule of DNA when exposed to Elliptically polarized light, — the current value of the refractive index in a molecule of DNA when exposed to Elliptically polarized light,
— the current value of the absorption coefficient in a molecule of DNA when exposed to Elliptically polarized light, -TRANS-isomer distribution function of DNA when exposed to parts of Elliptically polarized light,
is the intensity of incoming light; is a factor of ellipticity of light. Here is the degree of ellipticity, — coefficient of asphericity of trans-isomer; , absorption cross section is the CIS-isomer and TRANS- isomer in directions perpendicular to the axis of the molecule along; and quantum yields of reaction photo isomerization; and Legendre functions are attached is; and functions of the coefficients of the expansion — in a series of spherical functions; the rotational diffusion coefficients, and TRANS-isomers molecules in polymer matrix; -Intermolecular potential; -relaxation time of a polymeric matrix.

It Turned Out, that neutral molecules also affect changes in the polymer matrix of order photo orientation. Effects of polarized light on the polymer leads to reorientation of nitrogen containing parts of molecules, that, in turn, cause the redistribution of its molecular environment, and, Therefore, changing the order of the domain nematičeskogo. Nematičeskij domain is a structural education, part of the liquid crystal, in which all the molecules have spontaneously navedennuû homogeneous orientation. Dimensions of such domains are in the range. Therefore, once again a significant: The DNA of chromosomes has the LCD (LCD) structure. This provides little energy cost orientation of the LCD of the biopolymer, under the influence of weak external and endogenous polarized electromagnetic radiation. This leads to the formation of various iconic topological structures, a special case of that donors are spending hologram. We Believe, that applies to the detected us phenomenon of pancreatic regeneration in rats in situ. Regeneration is achieved by means of multiple passing polarized wave probing laser beam, promodulirovannogo hologram donor cells. The result of laser sensing of the donor is broadcast and is remembered by the recipient’s continuum of LCD, giving him the roster of Governors of holograms. Or the other option, complementing the first: modulated waveform trigger donor gets on a hypothetical, a photo of the recipient (for example, in stem cells). This photo site launches the preexisting genetic programs under the scheme „key-lock” with the inclusion of certain differencirovok and postèmbrional′nyh morfogenezov. This then leads to the regeneration of the pancreas.
Modulation of the light flux biotkan′û-donor is the quadratic fotodetektorom. It is built into a laser tube. This modulation is transformed into an alternating electromagnetic signal. Significantly, the modulating vibration Newton’s rings (the rings of intensity) Displays code polarization-linear phase dynamics of each fragment of the donor micro, for example, LCD chromosomes. In turn,, micro dynamic vibration of these rings (and direct shear to them) passes the dynamics of Euler angle. All this symbolic Dynamics (holographic and key locking») resonance effect on the biome-recipient, for example, on chromosomes, reprogramming their isomorphic to the donor.
Thus, dynamic polarization-modulation of the luminous flux of the quasi-Newton’s rings, transformed by their motion in electromagnetic signal, that modulates a carrier frequency harmonics pulse generator, regulating micro offset mirror laser cavity. Maximum depth of modulation of the desired signal have a frequency range from 0,5 MHz to 1,5 MHz. These signals are transformed into radio through biodonorov sound spectra, which, According to preliminary data, also have biological activity. The same applies to abiogennym donors, for example, some minerals.
Occurs when the registry scripts wave holographic images with high resolution displays in real time the genetic-metabolic status biodonorov. It is a dynamic leadership for stem cell recipient according to the principle „do, as I, and is complemented by a locking key „trigger option. In fact both these vector artificial regeneration are enabled a simplified model of endogenous processes in natural post-traumatic acts, for example, When restoring the lost tail lizard or the integrity of the planarij. Natural endogenous reconstruction is proceeding at the expense of internal reserves, i.e.. „internal set» (and trigger) radiation cells, adjacent to the cells of wound. When endogenous regeneration of dynamic polarization information from healthy cells continuously transmitted from one-cell layer spherical holograms to another layer. You may also want to try, that chromosomes and DNA in vivo emit coherent light in the range of 250 to 800nm, i.e.. can be laser-active medium. Most proven our direct experiments to establish coherent emitters and chromosomal DNA in vitro, When was the quasi genetic laser. These data, in some modified form, were confirmed by Japanese researchers. Chromosome LCD continuum, as a work item of the genome-biokomp′ûtera, is the unity of the two fundamental attributes is an environment record and store dynamic 4-dimensional holograms and time radiation environment of coherent light. You can say, genome-the samoizlučaûŝaâ and samosčityvaemaâ system, Quantum bio computer. Our goal is at least partly reproduce this genomic attributes in vitro, relying mainly on the famous laser and holographic technology and, Naturally, in theory these processes, If possible, extrapolating their, the chromosome apparatus.
The idea of holographic control on growth and development of biological tissues was confirmed by scientists on the example of model of regulation of growth of plant root system under the action of slow-moving laser beam in a nutrient medium. Biogolografičeskoe management demonstrated also in the wave moving morphogenetic signals on kallusy plants. The implementation of the principles of wave action on the genome of the sign confirms the theoretical model of holographic guides for the growth and development of Biosystems. In our experiments biorecipienta tissue growth also occurs on alternating gradient light interferograms, reconstructed as a microscopic interference dynamic bands, the gologrammam cells of the donor as programmers. And that is not only significantly increase (Division) cells, but the differentiation of them in certain directions, asked by adjacent cells.