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After the discovery of the structure of DNA and detailed consideration of this molecule in the genetic processes underlying problem of life – mechanisms of its playback – in fact not disclosed. Hence the limited arsenal of technical and biotechnological tools for managing the growth and development of Biosystems. There is a clear gap between the microstructure and macrostructure Biosystems genetic code. Even the opening of gomeoboksov DNA, dramatically influencing the formative acts embryogenesis, only more vividly highlighted the, as a warning and. G. Gurvich, counting, that the genes are too high, and it is therefore necessary to introduce the concept of biological field, How to layout the structure of space-time, biological field, «… the properties of which … formally adopted. from physical representations „
[1]. This basic field, by Gurviču, will be … the equivalent chromosomes. „. And further: «… chromatin remains „active”, t. (e). is the bearer of the active field, only in non-equilibrium State
[2]. Here you can see the foresight laser pumping chromosomes as is typical of non-equilibrium State, we obtained in vitro after 50 years for DNA and nukleogistona [18].Blizkie ideas we see in A. (A). Lubishchev in its work 1925. „On the nature of hereditary factors” . He writes: „Genes are not living beings, No pieces of chromosomes, Neither the autocatalytic molecules of enzymes, Neither the radicals, no physical structure, no power, caused by the material carrier of; We must recognize the gene as intangible substance (allocated P.g.), similar to the èmbrional′nomu field, Gurvich, but the potential ” (allocated P.g.)
[3]. And further: «… the interaction of heredity and of chromosomes like the relation of matter and memory as Bergsonu … Genes in genotype constitute the mosaic, a harmonic unity, like the chorus ” (allocated P.g.).
[4] After 3 years of our other Russian scientific predecessor – in. N. Beklemishev comes to those same ideas in their work, well done in Perm, „Methodology of Systematics”.
To get closer to the real morfoprocessu (and population), -You must accept the idea of music and speech as some models of genetic vectors. And in music, and in a speech. There are anatomical properties (There may be signs of stages) -height, the sound intensity, overtones, etc., and hence, possible description of the individual stages of the, and the formal description of the process in its entirety. Music thing is similar to morfoprocessu much more, What at first sight seems. Between the two processes is striking difference: changes in the developing body of accumulated, changes in the flow of the music are completely. But the true subject of development in music is an aesthetic impression; It grows and develops as a result of playing time. The morfoprocess complex of the spiritual body. That is an analogue of the latter in animal and vegetable organisms? Do not thread the formatic irritations, adjustable individual whole and Morphogenesis parts Guide?”

[5]. The ideas of Russian biologists Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev, a giant intellectual achievement, much operedivšee my time.
The essence of their thoughts in the triad:
1. Dualističny genes as they stuff and pitch.
2. Field equivalent chromosomes mark space-time of an organism and thus control the development of Biosystems.
3. Genes have an aesthetically pleasing shape and voice regulatory functions.
Modern molecular biology, Genetics and Embryology, After a long way of development, completed a revolution in the understanding of the essence of life. It was strictly materialističnym, more precisely, material. The genes in this sense is the only substance. And when this substance is examined in detail — DNA, opening the so-called genetic code, It turned out to be, that this is clearly a little.
The key problem in biology is the succession of generations, heredity, embryogenesis is not disclosed, Moreover, at an impasse, However a higher rank. The situation is reminiscent of the situation in classical physics, the beginning of the 20th century, When opening the elementary particles of matter matter seemingly has disappeared, left something, called uncertain term „energy”. Here and in biology, the more precise the understanding of DNA throughout the central dogma of the DNA-RNA-Protein, the farther we go from strategy to build a genome Biosystems. But if physicists with dignity take as reality paradoxes: „here and there”, wave and particle are aligned „, „electron resonates with the universe”, vacuum is nothing, but it is all „and so. d., the biology only have to go through a similar path (The Tao Of Biology), and it will be much harder. In fact, we have already walked out on him, in time remembering thought Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev. Our goal was and is, to develop their conceptual triad in the context of contemporary knowledge and our findings on the theory and practice of the development and use of tools and technology wave correction Biosystems.
The purpose of the work: show a dualistic interpretation of the eukaryotic genome at the levels of the substances and fields within the physical and mathematical models, connecting the formalism of solitonoobrazovaniâ in DNA on the example of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam, as well as holographic memory and other chromosome continuum as biokomp′ûtera, associated with the will of the creator. Show the possibility of conventional and „anomalous” operation modes of eukaryotic genome using wave figurative-symbolic matrices, as well as endogenous and exogenous (independent of the Creator) semiotiko-linguistic components. Find experimental proof of the proposed theory of wave shape and figurative-genome matrices as linguistic structures strategic management metabolism higher Biosystems. The practical orientation of the present study:the theoretical and experimental justification of convolution, transposition and resonance of supergenetičeskoj information from biodonora to bioakceptoru; It passed èpigenosignaly may exist as acousto-electromagnetic solitons in the phenomenon of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam and semantic character ranges of the genetic structures, also realized in the form of a soliton excitations; the theoretical and experimental justification of the unity of the fractal structure of human speech and text structures of genetic molecules of DNA and RNA; This provision became the basis for the development of methodology for introduction of a regulatory framework of initial quasi-verbal structures in the form of modulated electromagnetic solitons in the genome of plants;the theoretical-experimental substantiation of possibility of creation of artificial DNA-logical devices (biokomp′ûterov) using wave (holographic and other) principles of memory, comparable on the mechanisms and possibilities of genetic; in the creation of soft regulatory occurrence in previously unknown areas of the genome of higher semiotic biosystem for treatment, create hybrids, extend the life of the people, formation of the human body as harmonious and sustainable structure to adverse factors.

Previously we offered the hypothesis èpigenetičeskoj code hierarchy levels of chromosomal DNA, Ribosomes and extracellular matriksov of Biosystems and their participation in the synthesis of wave-shaped fractal builds, used by higher biological profiles for their own self-organization [25].
Nonlinear Dynamics (acoustics) and related electromagnetic radiation of these biostructures in vivo is not accidental, mutually correlated, are bioznakovyj (in particular, rečepodobnyj) nature, isomorphic to show structural and functional State of each Exchange wave signals organizmennyh cell-tissue engineering subsystems. In the space-time of organisms in the epigenetic view is shared by the physical channels of nonlinear acoustic oscillations. the strategic component of the wave’s iconic series is the acoustic and electromagnetic radiation of total genetic material (Genome) Biosystems. In the present work made the situation develop as interpretation of wave State (own physical fields) the body and attempt to understand the biological meaning of the phenomenon of generation within the field and intercellular signals as the basis of the wave and, following this, real living systems self-organization. REVIEW of MODELS of GENETIC KODAV present a paradox with a model of the genetic code is the pinnacle of achievements, molecular biology 60 years.
The accuracy of the coding sequences of amino acids in the proteins of this model gets a strange way with double vyroždennost′û proposed „code” on the lines of excess transport RNA (tRNA) compared to the number of amino acids and ambiguous match codon-antikodon, When only two (instead of three) nukleotidam must be the exact pairing mRNA triplet c nucleotide pair tRNA antikodonovoj, and on the third nukleotidu nature allowed the wrong pairing, the so-called „voblirovanie” (from the English. the word „wobble”- swing) on a conjecture of f. Crick [4]. This means, that some antikodony may „know” more than one codon, depending on, what basis is in the 1-m position antikodona, the 3-position of the nucleotide complementary interaction antiparallel′nogo. „Recognition” of this kind „wrong”, If you follow the paradigm of the genetic code, as there are non-canonical base pair „Adenine-Guanine”, The Uracil and Cytosine-with energy-unprofitable hydrogen bonds. „Code”, especially mitochondrial, becomes so degenerate, and logically follows from the arbitrariness of the amino acids in a peptide chain is so great, that disappears the very notion of genetic coding.
To quote a saying from the book Al′bertsa, Watson and others. „Molecular biology of the cell” [20] (the head of the characteristic name „mitochondrial Genome has several striking features”): «…in mitochondria the usual pairing of codons with antikodonami are observed less strictly, tRNA molecules and many are able to recognize any of the four nucleotides in the third (ambiguous) position „[6]. Here’s the „less strict”, as if being incompatible with real metabolic control about alternating amino acids in proteins, deserves close attention. „Less strict” no accident, Moreover, She needs something to biosistemam. The accuracy of protein synthesis evolutionarily conservative and high, but could it be that kind of „tajnopis′û”, When the „mark” (codon) and „designated” (amino acid) not always are isomorphic, not clear?

If you stick to the old dogmas of the genetic code, logical thinking, that two different amino acids, encrypted in two identical (the third is not important) the nucleotides in the mRNA codons, equally likely will be included in the peptide chain, i.e.. by chance. And such paired ambiguities, even in the nemitohondrial′nom code, there are six, except for the two to stop kodonam (they are „nonsense” or pointless). So what, There is indulgence to permit „frequent and random substitutions of amino acids in protein synthesis? However,, known, that such random replacement in most cases have the most negative consequences for the organism (sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, etc.). There is an obvious contradiction: need accuracy (the unambiguity of) relationship of mark-a mark ” (codon-amino acid), and invented people code it does not provide. Therefore, the existing and the common understanding of the key (the iconic) mechanisms of protein synthesis requires further analysis. Therefore, a closer look at the 60-ies of the principles of genetic coding. As listed and rated apparent oddities lead authors of theory and experimentation in this area — the cry, M. Nirenberg and their followers?
The primary controversy-mixed matching (codon-amino acid) are shown in table:

You Can See, that couples of different amino acids are encoded the same relevant dubletami kodonovyh nucleotides („vobliruûŝie” little meaningful, on the shout! [4], and generally unreadable, by Lagerkvistu [11], nucleotides are shifted to the index). In terms of Linguistics, this phenomenon is called Homonymy, When the same words have different meanings (for example, Russian words „onion”, „spit” or English „box”, the „ring”, etc.). On the other hand, redundant different codons, denoting the same amino acids, has long been considered as synonymous. On homonymy of the genetic code statements in the literature, we do not know. Thus, dubletno-tripletnye if you count the codons „words”, the code itself is, among other things, two-dimensional, the omonimo-synonymous. For these measurements code splits, as will be seen from table, mainly, the pair family, redundant, but not clearly, Encrypt different amino acids. And in only two of the six cases homonymous sometimes Doublets are similar in structure and function of amino acids (aspartic-glutamic acid and asparagine-lysine). Therefore, When ambiguous (the erroneous) choosing a high probability of amino acids synthesis of abnormal proteins, If you follow the logic of the common code model. Most of these doubts and outline for the future in mild form has already been made of the summary article f. Crick and m. Nirenberga „genetic code”[1].
To quote the authors quoted in view of the strategic importance of the principles of genetic coding: c. 133: „protein … is a long sentence, encoded with the twenty letters „. Here is one of the first and fruitful comparisons of proteins, and then the DNA, natural language texts, comparisons, generally accepted at first only as a metaphor, and then developed and formalized as a quasi-voice actors [14,25,26,29]. In this analogy, the embryo of the future out of the flat and dead-end understanding genes, the forerunner concepts shape codes (Word as image), and this is in line with the ideas of Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev, which also saw potential in the chromosomes of the wave shape and even aesthetic structure as an organizing biome started.

A.A.Lyubischev in 1925 suggested, genes form a mosaic, a harmonic unity, like the chorus [47]. Followed by 1928g. V. Beklemishev [21] has developed this, Although gnomic view, However,, with great foresight, for decades, outpacing the analogy Crick and Nirenberga proteins as „suggestions”. Embryogenesis he compared both with music and speech, where as in differentiated tissues there are anatomical properties — signs of stages: height, the sound intensity, overtones, etc., and ontogenetic „Embryological properties — signs of progress: rhythm, Melody, etc. Changes in the developing body of accumulated, and changes in the flow of the music are completely. But the true subject of development in music is an aesthetic impression; It grows and develops as a result of playing time. The morfoprocess complex of the spiritual body. Having come to this, V. Beklemishev asked: that is an analogue of the latter in animal and vegetable organisms? Do not thread the formatic irritations, adjustable individual whole and Morphogenesis parts Guide?Continue with the analysis underlying the work of cry and Nirenberga, postulating the notion of genetic koda.S.142 -143: » … so far, all experienced data are well in line with the general assumption that, that information is read three reasons, starting from one end of the gene. However,, We would get the same results, If the information was in four or even more reason „or” …groups, containing multiple of three, the number of bases „. This almost forgotten or misunderstood, but here you can see the question, do I have to code triplet. And it is equally important, the expected future understanding for DNA and RNA as the semantic of fractal entities, related natural languages, as demonstrated in our research [25,26,29].S.153: » … one amino acid is more kodonami. This code is called degenerate. This degeneration does not speak about a certain uncertainty in the construction of protein molecules. It only indicates, that a certain amino acid can be directed to the appropriate place in the chain of protein molecules by using several code words. „the authors see, the synonymy has not violated the code unambiguous. p.153 -154: But then it should be „…However,, There is a real possibility of uncertainty in protein synthesis. This uncertainty could arise, If one code word with multiple amino acids. So far only one case has been marked by such uncertainty. Protein, synthesized poly-U, consists not only of Leucine, but from phenylalanine, and for every molecule of leucine, phenylalanine molecules account for 20-30. In the absence of a solution of phenylalanine poly-U uses the Leucine in quantity, equal to half the number of normally used by phenylalanine. A molecular explanation of this uncertainty is unknown „. This is the first clear statement of the logical and the imperfections of the proposed model coding, its contradictions facts. Then, doubts are enhanced by s. 155: „some code words will almost certainly consist of three grounds. However,, 18 out of 20 amino acids can be coded words, contain only two different grounds. If the code is still a ternary, It is possible to, in some cases the proper encoding will be provided, that of the three grounds is only two. Perhaps, What is imperfection happens more often in synthetic RNA polymers, contain one or two bases, than the natural RNA intermediaries, which always consist of a mixture of all four grounds. Therefore, the results, obtained by means of induced RNA, show only about code capacity cells. „Clearly there is uncertainty, that code only triplet, It can be and dubletnym, and tetrapletnym and even geteromul′tipletnym. We appear to be, in the development of these doubts, that code possible squares, chromosomes, DNA is not the only iconic triplets of nucleotides. As rečepodobnye structure, nucleic acids are composed of chromatin in vivo to form capable of metaâzykov by fraktalizacii, and therefore, encoding a protein of the continuum can pass through large blocks, encryption not only to enable individual amino acids in peptide, but the sequence of the protein domains, subunits and even structural-functional groups of enzymes, for example, respiratory chain. Fraktal′nost′ in this case can be understood, and so: DNA, RNA and proteins are all the texts and the, that was in the same scale, „a phrase or sentence in another, the larger, „the word”. If the word „escalate” turns to „letter”.

In a more general approach, you can consider such separate semantic construct as signs (hieroglyphs), non-substrate „information metabolism” cells. Such a path is metaâzykov mathematics education. We have no reason to think, What a gene does not use this „mathematical method” in full, Disable all new complex semiotiko-semantic pereoboznačeniâmi with their permanent habitats on different levels of the organization development process Biosystems. The role of sinteziruûŝihsâ in the body of the bulk of the proteins is the metabolic designs, implicitly encoded in DNA and are a component of quasi-. Biome can be considered as the accumulation of such designs, and this is a proof in the works [25,26,29]. Such a course of reasoning well corresponds to the ideas of V.v. Nalimov’s, considers all life part of the Semantic Universe [49]. Man, in line with this logic, There is a variety of texts, grammar and semantics which we want to embrace a single, probabilistic based view. V.v. Nalimov believes, that person is the samočitaemym text — text, capable of samoizmenât′ yourself. Reducing the scale of the human as a self-organizing system and given the fraktal′nost′ (rolling sometimes in golografičnost′) the chromosome continuum, You can take it, the reverse displays a person’s place in its own genome, as with any organism in its display of the chromosome, izomorfnyj is a text-like character [25,29]. The proposed method of reasoning is designed to show the logical technique out of the limitations of initial models of the genetic code, They stopped in the phase of weak understanding of the rules of spelling, „” protein „words” from the amino acid ‘ letters ‘. If, however, consider the idea of fractal dimensions of meaning (text) Genome structures and take their divine origin, the stress, that this idea goes back to the 6th century. and Dionysius of Areopagitom in his work „on the divine names”[2]. He said, the seal of Divinity (read the words) rests with each of us, and „…reprints of the press have a lot in common with your original: the original print is present in all of the, and none of them is only a part „. Print frequency is determined by the properties of the recipient of the material-specific identity, i.e.. potentially in each read all, going over, but to hear, see and understand this is all entirely no one. The failure of the early concept of the genetic code to be consistent, It seemed, to encourage the search for new ideas. Instead, preference was given to analysis of the accuracy of protein synthesis, but without the main motive of this precision is odnoznačnostej choice of encoding mechanisms of doublet-homonyms. Here is a sample of these, This aspect of useless, Description and reasoning, but we need to illustrate the main assessment in psevdologiki genokode [20]: » … the accuracy of protein synthesis depends on the strength of two adaptornyh mechanisms: by associating each amino acid and tRNA molecule with the mating of the codons in mRNA with antikodonami tRNA. Two mechanisms, acting on these stages, completely different. Many aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetases are studied has two separate Active Center: the one responsible for the reaction of the amino acid to the tRNA attach, and the other, recognizes an „incorrect” amino acid and removes its hydrolysis. Precision mating codons with antikodonom more subtle mechanism „kinetic correction». Once a molecule of tRNA corresponding to the amino acid is integrated, they form a complex with a protein, with. elongation factor (FEH,EF), which firmly binds to the tRNA molecules and end aminoacil′nym with one molecule of GTP. It is this complex, not the free tRNA mates with the appropriate codon on the mRNA molecule.

Associated thus FE provides the ability to correct pairing antikodona with a codon, but preclude the inclusion of the amino acid to the growing peptide. The initial recognition of the codon is used for PV signal to hydrolysis of GTP to GDP P, after which the FA is separated from the Ribosome with tRNA and protein synthesis continues. Thanks to FA there is a short delay between pairing codons with antikodonom and elongation of the peptide, that allows you to separate itself from tRNA the Ribosome.
«Wrong» molecule of tRNA forms a couple of codon-antikodon less hydrogen bonds, than the correct; It therefore weaker hold on ribosome and thus over a period of time is more likely to secede. „. Commenting on this, important for us, longest shutter speed, You can say, the emphasis it placed on the mutual recognition of tRNA and amino acids through the aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetases are studied. The mechanism is not clear. With regard to the accuracy of the recognition of codon antikodona, It is an illusion because of the „voblirovaniâ” of the third nucleotide, as discussed.
It Seems, the choice of dubletnyh-homonyms is realized by codons resonant wave and context (the associative, holographic) and the so-called „background processes” (see. below). So far, they were out of experiments and reasoning, but now this is obvious. Omonimičnost′ (ambiguity) the code can be overcome in exactly the same way, as in natural languages ,- by placing the homonym, as part of the, to integer, i.e.. the complete phrase, context which decrypts the homonym, and assigns a unique value, creating the unambiguity of. Therefore mRNA as a kind of „phrase” or „offers” to work in protein synthesis as functional encodes an integer, Specifies the amino acid sequence of aminoacilirovannyh associates of tRNA, which complementary mRNA molecule to interact. The role and,R-parts of the Ribosome, If they are real, is akcepcii such associates — the predecessors of the protein with enzymatic by amino acids in peptide chain. In this case, there will be a context-oriented single-selection ex homonymous doublet-codons. You can predict the, the interaction of aminoacilirovannyh-tRNA to mRNA is collective phase character of type reassociacii („annealing”) odnotâžnyh DNA as the temperature drops after the „melting” of alternative polinukleotida.
Are there any experimental data, that could be interpreted in a manner? They are many and they are summarized in an analytical study [52]. Here are some of them.
Known, the correct recognition of tRNA molecules termination codons depends on their context environment, in particular, availability for stop codon uridine and, In addition, in the work of the[3] clearly shows:. Inserting a row of nine rarely used CUA-leucine codons after the 13th as part of the test mRNA codon 313 greatly inhibit their translation without an explicit impact on the translation of other mRNAs, CUA-containing codons. In Front Of The, a string of nine frequently-used CUG-lejcinovyh codons in the same positions did not have a pronounced effect on broadcast. While not rare, a frequently used codons do not affect this process, when they were introduced after the codon 223 or 307. Additional experiments have demonstrated, that strong positional effect rarely used codons can not be explained by differences in the stability of the mRNA or the severity of selecting the appropriate tRNA. The positional effect becomes clear, authors, assuming, that broadcast a sequence near the beginning of less stable reading: slow transmissions through a small use of codons, that used to follow in the message, and this leads to the disintegration of the broadcast products, sooner than will the full broadcast. As we can see, for the treatment of the own experiments involved cumbersome approval to split the broadcast products, assumptions, not following from their work, and which require specific and sensitive research. In this sense, our idea of contextual orientation in the management of the fusion proteins is simple, Although it is not easy to prove experimentally. Cited work well highlights the strategic line of strictly defined and distant from the place of education in kodonovyh the peptide mRNA on the inclusion or non-inclusion of particular amino acids in the protein synthesized. This is a distant influence, but in the work cited it simply stated, but for researchers not clear and, apparently, so not even discussed.

Such work is becoming more. In the, What we are discussing, reference, for example, on half a dozen similar results, where interpretation is difficult also in this sense. The reason for this is the imperfection of the accepted model of the genetic code. This is true because the, the evidence of the existence of the so-called long (swollen) antikodona [52]: in collaboration with the mRNA and tRNA-ribosome binding site involves not three, a greater number of base pairs. This means, that the code is broken tripletnosti postulate everywhere and here. Ibid., in [52], the results of work on the interaction of tRNA-tRNA to the ribosome, and this is consistent with our idea of associate aminoacilirovannyh tRNA as a precursor protein. IN [52] suggested, the effect of context on inclusion of a mRNA of amino acids in a peptide is a reflection of some basic and yet poorly understood patterns of decoding genetic information in the process of protein synthesis. The Ulf Lagerkvista [11] wobble hypothesis Crick received extended treatment and extreme expression, According to which nucleotide codons of the mRNA in the third position is a plus, pointless, redundant, his presence is ignored, and so the reading antikodonom codon is made under rule „two out of three”. From here it follows the massive ambiguity reading mRNA and that broadcast protein molecules, that contradicts the experiments, and this is noted in [52], as in other studies,.
However,, notes, that there is a certain level of ambiguity of mRNA in the cell broadcast, but he weakly amenable to understanding. In addition to the erroneous broadcast significant codons and stop codons as amino acid, in the process of protein synthesis can occur many normal and rarely mistaken shifts and overlapping framework broadcast. Errors result from reading the doublet or kvadripletov grounds as codons. Mechanisms are advances reading frames is not studied.
In many of the works shown, that an erroneous translation of proteins by the Ribosome is called a variety of adverse factors, antibiotics, temperature change, the creation of certain concentrations of cations, amino acid starvation and other environmental conditions. Increased ambiguity codons translation, localized in specific context, has a biological significance and leads to neslučajnomu distribution of „erroneous” amino acids in length synthesized polypeptide, leading to modifications of protein functions with access to the mechanisms of cellular differencirovok, and contexts of mRNA are substrate natural selection. The optimal level of „error” broadcast (If it really bugs) is regulated by mechanisms, and he ontogenetičeski and evolutionarily acquitted [52]. This match and our experimental and theoretical data [8-18] about wave’s iconic interactions in aqueous-liquid-crystalline medium cage, that involved the protein-synthesizing apparatus. We found the resonance frequencies, common DNA, Ribosomes and collagen, and having, probably related to, bioznakovuû nature, as well as the ability to open the chromosomes and DNA to be laser-active medium [18].
Let’s go back again to the generally accepted at the main provisions of the genetic code: It is the triplets, non-overlapping, degenerate, doesn’t have a „comma”, i.e.. codons are not separated from each other. And finally, It is universal. What remains of these provisions? Actually nothing. In fact, code, apparently, is a two-, three-, the four-, … the n-Word as a fractal and geteromul′tipletnoe education. He overlapped. It has commas, Since geterokodony can be separated by sequences with other functions, including the functions of punctuation. The code is not universal — in the mitochondria is the specific features. How to understand the genetic code, taking into account the contradictions and our reasoning?To remove these contradictions can postulate a qualitative, a simplified, the initial version of a real wave monitoring building amino acid aminoacilirovannyh tRNA as predecessor associate protein. With this position, it’s easier to understand the genetic, more protein, code as one of the many programs a real wave of hierarchical self-organizing Biosystems. In this sense, it is the first stage of chromosomal plans build Biosystems, Since language is multi-dimensional genome, plûralističen and not limited to the task of synthesis of proteins. A more detailed, physico-mathematical formal and experimental as, presentation of the new version of the protein-synthesizing apparatus developed by us now, Although I must admit, that is the task of the XXI-XXII centuries.

The main provisions of the proposed indicative model real-coded wave processes in the biosynthesis of proteins are the following:
1. Multi-component ribonukleoproteidnyj beloksinteziruûŝij apparatus is a system for generating highly organized iconic semiotiko-semantic acoustic radiation of electromagnetic fields, strategic governing its self-organization and order of the amino acids in the polypeptide chain.
2. Aminoacilirovannye-RNA pools associate in sequence — forerunners of the synthesised fibers to contact with a-P site of Ribosomes. The antikodonov pool is complimentary throughout the continuum of mRNA, with the exception of dislocations, available non-canonical nucleotide pairs.
3. The order of alternation of aminoacilirovannyh tRNA in associatah-the predecessor of proteins is determined by the sign of the collective resonances of all participants in the synthesis of the amino acid sequence. Key wave matrix here pre-mRNA, as well as mRNA, working as a holistic continuum of different scale length geteropolikodonov, including the intronnuû fraction of the pre-mRNA as possible makrokontekstov. The main function of the wave of matrices is associative-contextual orientation of aminoacilirovannyh tRNA sequences, orientation, more, the voblgipoteza, ignoring the rules of canonical pairings of nucleotides in the mRNA and tRNA.
4. The ribosome, In addition, and (or) along with the high-profile legislation the relative positions of the codon-antikodonovyh Continua lazeropodobnye radiation are those involved in the process, correcting the order of the amino acid residues in the peptide.
5. Ribosome ènzimatičeski covalently fixes „de ûrè” the peptide amino acid sequence, scheduled „de facto” in poliaminokislotnom-poly-tRNA-associate, as a precursor protein.
6. Resonant wave „censorship” of the order of the amino acids in a peptide chain eliminates the potential semantic outrage a faulty protein „proposals”, the next of the Homonymy families codons, and ensures their „reflection amino acid through the shortcut removal of duplicates of the same ambiguous Homonymy in kodonah. The same mechanism works when the higher-order neodnoznačnostâh, When the number of codons (n 1).
7. Vacuousness of the genetic code is required for pre-mRNA, mRNA-dependent context-oriented precise adjustment of acylated tRNA, determined the nature of the wave of associative resonance interactions in beloksinteziruûŝem apparatus.
8. One of the mechanisms of the process of creating error-free aminoacilirovannyh tRNA sequences in the pre-mRNA, the wave-mRNA can be seen as a special case of partial complementary DNA, odnotâžnyh reassociacii DNA and RNA-DNA or, in the more general case, as an act of self-Assembly, known for Ribosomes, chromosomes, membranes and other molecular nadmolekulârnyh of cellular structures.

Thus, the role of mRNA dualistična. This molecule, as DNA, in the evolution of a single event — complementary knowledge bundle real and wave genoinformacii. The ambiguity of real coding is removed precezionnost′û wave, which is implemented, probably related to, on the mechanisms of collective resonances and laser-holographic (associative, context) effects in cell-tissue continuum [25,26,29]. Megakontekstom here is the word and wave the divine self. The leap to more developed analytical regulation of RNA Protein translation is accompanied by a partial or full waiver of the rules of Canon pairing adenine with uracil (by thymine) and guanine with cytosine, previously selected evolutionary steps of DNA replication and RNA transcription. So energetically disadvantageous in micro-scales, However, the information is required, is inevitable and energetically preferable at the holistic organism. Particularly we emphasize, that context associative-holographic mechanisms of protein-synthesizing system organisms come-PWM is so connected with the so-called „Background Principle», that proved to be a versatile and has been the subject of a major discovery [50]. With this position makrokonteksty-information and contexts of RNA can be thought of as a background, that provides a dramatic increase in signal, that is the choice of the two homonymous aminoacilirovannyh tRNA, to enter the phrase „protein” or „word”.
This option is available only after you select a coherent component in the form of repetition of the same study of doublet-homonyms in kodonah. This situation can be explained with a simple example. Let’s Say, in the proposal it is necessary to choose one of two words (unique codons with dubletami-homonymous). These words — „Court” and „bitches”. I see, the choice depends on a proposal, from the context, which acts as the background, which allows the user to select a desired word. If the offer sounds I saw fat bitches in a tree», the replacement of the word „bitches” to the „Court” would be tantamount to the introduction of noise and loss of signal.
Probably, similar to the role of information-RNA and introns are different levels of contexts, that must be somehow „read” and „digested” live cell. A „subject” may be a rich family of solitons, optical, acoustic, conformational, Rotationally-oscillating and other. The function of these solitons can serve as ways of regulation of codon-antikodonovyh iconic interactions. As one of the ways you can think of solitonnyj mechanism of torsional oscillations of the nucleotides to sugar-phosphate axis mRNA, considered by us for odnotâžnyh RNA-like DNA [24]. It „remembers” the sequence of nucleotides and can, probably related to, send information about this distant, i.e.. at distances, significantly greater than the length of the hydrogen bonds. Without the far (wave) migration of pre-mRNA to mRNA sequences cannot implement the associative-context regulation protein synthesis. Here is wave continuality, directly related to the contribution of divine origin as megakonteksta, the speaker in the form of natural electromagnetic and acoustic environment of the globe. Initial testing of the proposed regulations can be carried out relatively simple method is based on the influence of electromagnetic and acoustic fields on protein synthesis in acellular ribosomal′nyh systems, for example using the FPU-generators and alleged lasers on DNA [18,24,25,34,35].Mozhno suggest, the growing increase in human so-called sudden deaths in the middle of the visible health, timed to coincide with zones of high levels of microwave electromagnetic smog „», depends on the violations fine wave of regulation of protein synthesis. It can form abnormal proteins „electromagnetic shock», including enzyme synthesis ènderpinov ( endogenous derived rezerpina ), which may be abnormal to-factors oksidoreduktaz, quickly blocking processes of intracellular energy and work, as a consequence of, death [28; unpublished results].

In our research [e.g., 25] We prove, that protein synthesis is just one example of the genetic coding for the wave, the strategic level, and interpret genetic memory extended as solitonno-holographic, in genome-biokomp′ûteru.
We develop ideas Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and radiation on chromosomes Beklemishev, „genome-Orchestra”. Really, If you compare the „record” of the future body’s egg with the DNA of the notation, the one musical phrase is able to restore all the associative musical images in our memory, If we ever hear a melody.
Taking this, We leave on the figurative, the coding structure of the sign of the body’S DNA sequences, i.e.. they, the sequence of nucleotides, are something of a sounding and visible texts, but not in a metaphorical sense-styles, and indeed the unknown until the languages of divine origin in difficult-rhythmic (musical-like?) wave arrangement.
But whether the chromosome to radiate light and sound? The experiments give clearly positive response. Acoustic field of chromosomes, generated as living cells and their nuclei, and selected chromosome preparations of DNA, It is difficult to place, can acquire the structure of solitons, and most importantly, capable of distant broadcast Geno-wave information [1,8,25,26-29].
Genetic molecules dualističny — as a substance, They also work as sources of iconic fields. The Chromosome, as an iconic figure any Biosystems, split on multi-dimensional fractal semiotic structure of substances and fields, coded by Divine Providence. Note, the beginnings of these ideas and experiments did not arise in a vacuum (Read more about it at [25] ).
The first were, as mentioned, Gurvich, Lûbiŝev and Beklemishev (20s – 40s), then, in a few decades,, in Novosibirsk, A.n. Mosolov (1980g.), and then, a team of scientists from the Institute of General Physics of the ACADEMY of (1984.) using light microscopy and laser found in cell nuclei (chromosomes) some neurons vibrating (sounding) spherical education. A.n. Mosolovym assumed, they are sources of information and the power of genetic, and more precisely, embryonic fields in the spirit of ideas of A.g. Gurvich, but with a substantial amendment: in the first place, It’s not photon field, Secondly, found sound radiation, on’s, have holographic backgrounds[4]. It was the first clearly formulated the hypothesis of symbol-bearing (shaped) wave holographic structures higher Biosystems genome. This hypothesis we have developed on the basis of own research.
We went in a slightly different way, in the early stages of attempting to prove the correctness of physico-mathematical model of Inglendera, his proposed in 1980., the special wave conditions, DNA-solitons. Then there were numerous solitons theoretical models, but no one until 1991. solitons on DNA experiments not found. In 1985. Photon correlation spectroscopy we have fix unusual abnormally long damping (sound) In vitro DNA changing spectral composition, specially distributed over time. This observation was so unusual, that was taken as experimental error and, therefore, forgotten for 6 years until, When we reiterated that work.

It was found, that DNA has the ability to automatically (quasi-spontaneously) synthesis of nezamolkaûŝuû complex „Melody” with repeated musical phrase [8,25,29]. Such repetitions on a number of grounds resembled the solitonnyj process in the form of so-called Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU), and variations in DNA is akin to the, that watched Mosolov, etc.
Briefly about the return of FPU.
If the chain of oscillators (pendulum), United springs with nonlinear relationships, bring one of these, There will be an unusual oscillation with replication (backtrack) initial excitation energy. This is a kind of „memory” of all nonlinear systems, inherent and DNA molecules, that demonstrated the level of theoretical model of A.a. Berezin[5]. But in the DNA of this memory, According to our research, is of particular importance. It can carry semiotičeskuû load and act as a kind of „gene” is a wave solitons with the internal vibrational structure, slavery-, probably related to, with holograms [25]. However,, for a selective „reading” in vivo genetic holograms of solitons and within the chromosome continuum Biosystems to liquid crystal laser field of chromosome apparatus. For many years it tried to find and reproduce outside a living cell. In principle, the, We did it. We’ve got the laser radiation on DNA and chromosome preparations using dvuhfotonno-raised luminescence [18].
Now about the wave (èpigenetičeskogo, supergenetičeskogo) the level of the chromosome and its implementation through technical devices. In 1957. in China, the researcher Jan Kan′džèn started, and with 70-ies.. in Russia continued the supergenetičeskie experiments, that echoed predvideniâmi Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev. With the 60-ies.. in Novosibirsk, academician V.p. Kaznačeevym and his school studies were initiated, to confirm the idea of distant wave iconic intercellular interactions. They opened the so-called citopatičeskij mirror effect, When cultures of living cells and tissues, hermetically separated quartz glass, Exchange wave regulatory information, related functions of the genetic apparatus. Real and accurate experiments on wave genetics first began to hold Jiang Kan′džèn. Summary of the known[6].
Appliance Jiang Kan′džèna, distant (dozens of centimeters) passing „wave genes” from donor to recipient, uses its own radiation Biosystems-donors, with, According to the author, only in the microwave range of the electromagnetic fields.
Author’s theoretical background effects, the equipment, needs significant improvement. However,, experimental data are convincing. This „wave” of wheat and maize hybrids, peanut and sunflower seeds, cucumber and melon, Duck and chicken, goat and rabbit. The hybrids of signs of hereditary transmission.