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Peter P. Garyaev, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medico-technical sciences, rans:
As far as I understand, We have a society of mutual respect, very narrow, and while little, but the Russian Academy of Sciences we are listening. It’s nice to.
After returning from Canada, of the glorious city of Toronto, it’s been almost 5 years, devoted to the, We have tried unsuccessfully to seduce …, so they responded to us, but, However,, due to the fact, I’m with Arkady Naumovich Petrov, watching his work, travelled widely around the country, I have visited and in Nizhny Novgorod, where on TV.
Our ideas greatly impressed a group of young doctors from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. They told me: „Teach us, and we repeat it with their own hands, that you have shown in Canada on water transfer of genetic information. Tell them-need to purchase a special laser. They have acquired, We have modified, turning it into a quantum biocomputers, which, thanks to its schema register sign (the genetic) occurrence dynamics of bio-objects. When the photons of a biokomp′ûtera scan the living cells and tissues, the laser beam is polarized in a special way. The background of this laser, transformed us in human computer, such is the. In 1996, I understood intuitively, that one type of helium-neon laser can work in unusual modes. This polarization modes golografirovaniâ. They allow us to read the polarizer, including genetic, information from living cells and tissues. Such information, we have put in a variety of organisms-plants, bacteria, etc.. We have long been predicted theoretically powerful biological effects that sort of manipulation and much published about this. Really well turned out. In fact, It is not by chance that we all, living beings, mainly consist of optically active molecules, including genetic, i.e.. from DNA, RNA and proteins, can polarize light. With, in different ways, Depending on the properties and States of genetic molecules. And those properties and condition is genetic information, transferred in polarizing the photon both modulation orranizmom (laser radiation of chromosomes), and us in vitro. The body sends its polârizuûŝimsâ laser, and then the radio waves, inside- and the extracellular space, and we can repeat this process to artificially. But is this really a repetition? I have an idea, How to do it. In liaison with my long-time colleague-physicist George Tertyšnym we implemented this idea. As a result, we have learned to use a laser beam to control the metabolism of organisms. And then learned how to use the laser photons in homeopathic transformation biomodulirovannye radio waves, that carry the genetic information already on many kilometres and drove the recipient organisms metabolism in the right direction. So in Canada, in Toronto, in this way, we called the pancreas in situ regeneration of the rat at a distance of about 20 km, but more on this later. I Repeat, We have developed not only a new technology works with one of the hundreds of types of lasers, but have created a quantum biocomputers, imitating the functions of laser and radio radiation chromosomes of living organisms. We use laser in red range, But if ultraviolet, the bio computer is orders of magnitude more powerful than. Here I finish physical-biological part and turn in part of the purely biological, more precisely the genetic.
There is such an intellectual achievement, that is called a model of genetic code, protein triplet triumph of Nobel Laureates Watson, Crick, as well as Nirenberga and others. Western scientists. The main contribution to creating a model of the protein code belong to Francis shout!. He, being a brilliant man, However,, very modestly valued its genetic model, DNA-RNA-new, How to encrypt sequences of amino acids in the primary structure of proteins. But this model was quickly and prematurely turned into a comprehensive genetic and simultaneously in trading brand. Can be, Initially this was correctly. Polivšiesâ financial flows in this area of biology has precipitated a, a more complete, understanding the functions of the genetic apparatus. Why am I talking about the model of the genetic code, which for decades by Canon, not to be criticized? Canons and dogmas are good in religion, but not in science. So gradually model f. Cry from achieving a brake cleaning system and money „for research”.

The code model, there is one key contradiction, that Cry in 1953. trying to remove by using the so-called. «Vobl hypothesis». It postulates a mixed match codons to amino acids in the gene-encoded proteins and talks about the possibility of not canonical and random mating, the first nucleotide RNA transport antikodona (tRNA) with the third nucleotide of RNA codons (mRNA) When it aired in a protein. Simply put, the biosynthesis of proteins is sometimes able to lax compliance codon-antikodonovyh nucleotide at this position. This means, What are non-canonical base pair , not differ significantly according to the geometrical parameters (Guanine-Uridine, etc). In addition, of Vobl-Hypothesis, and just out of the Krikovskoj scheme (model) code, automatically be, in kodonah (triplets) only the first two genes, nucleotide (Dubal) encode the sequence of amino acids in the protein chains. Still others kodonovye nucleotides, not involved in amino acid sequence in proteins. These third, Although deterministic hard DNA, but allow arbitrary, random, No canonical pairing with the first nucleotides of RNA transport antikodonov, transferring amino acids. So these first nucleotides antikodonov can be any of 4-piece possible. Therefore, the third nucleotides in kodonah and mate with them first in antikodonah, have no sign of character and play the role of steric crutches „, fill the empty space in the codon-antikodonovyh cords. In short, the first nucleotide in antikodonah accident, „vobliruet” is from the English ‘ wobble ‘ (swing, Oscillation, wobbling). This is very important and tell you why. Since only 64 codons, and amino acids 20, the result is a glut of codons, and encoding of doublet. This excess, using linguistic analogy, is called synonymy, i.e.. several doublet encode the same amino acid, from here, it is clear the existence of izoakceptornyh transport RNA (tRNA), transferring amino acids on a-site of Ribosomes. Such a sinonimičeskaâ generosity even good-this is a redundancy of information. But when protein synthesis is inevitably situations arise, When the same sometimes Doublets in kodonah RNA information, forced to somehow encode different amino acids and/or stop codons. Let Me Remind you, that third and first nucleotides in codon-antikodonovoj „kostyl′noj” bundle are out of sign „games”, and this gives rise to a linguistic ambiguity, i.e.. the situation regarding Homonymy. As, for example, for the word „Kosa”, when its meaning is ambiguous. And, accordingly,, before the Ribosome, reading the same (homonymous) sometimes Doublets codons, raises the task of choosing from two different amino acids, portable tRNA, a single „correct” amino acids and/or stop signal. If the choice is incorrect-the protein will be anomalous, that can lead to metabolic catastrophe and death of the organism. How does the right choice? And he, as set, correct and up to 99,999% accurate. The Ribosome is almost no mistakes, and it seemed, should be, If the auto-follow model code! Model s it does not explain the crying.. And f. the cry it is seen and recognized in their, published shortly before his death, flashback, but just as a piece of fig Vobl Hypothesis. And all subsequent genetics did not comment on this gaping hole in the model code: the model is controversial, not accurate, but the synthesis of proteins, However,, full proof. And only in 1978. the Swede Ulf Lagerkvist first openly stated this contradiction in the code model . But also not proposed anything Lagerkvist clear in the explanation, not aggravated the problem, but only found her. All satisfied, the synthesis of proteins-the exact process and require a larger model Krikovskoj, kind of like, and did not require. „Caesar’s wife, above suspicion”. And then there were the work of TN. contextual translation of mRNA to Ribosomes orientations. It was the moment of truth. It was experimentally shown, the choice of amino acids by the Ribosome in the homonymous and other situations depends not only on the doublet of codons, but the context of mRNA. Just like in human speech (texts), When, for example, the said homonym „Kosa” acquires a precise meaning only in the context of an entire phrases or sentences. This fundamental fact biologists again only stated. And all. No analysis, Why is this happening and what it means.

Me to this state of affairs is not satisfactory. Think, and many other biologists. This conspiracy of silence scientific official publication. And the reason is simple. Analysis of the genetic apparatus of omonimij logically leads to a strong, I would say, the fundamental thesis of quasi reasonableness genome. To select the correct amino acid in the protein synthesizing ambiguity break situation the system you need to READ, read not in a metaphorical sense, but really, the mRNA molecule, i.e.. context and understand its meaning. And make a decision about choosing the „right” amino acid or a stop signal. This can be done only through the ACT of THINKING, REASONABLY, What does the genome MENTAL BEGINNING. Therefore, the genome is based not only on pure Biochemistry and physics interactions information biomakromolekul, umalčivalos′ official bashfully that the scientific community to please hard materialism and mercantile reasons. The concept of quasi reasonableness genome displays in a whole other area of knowledge, until now either unavailable, or intentionally hiding behind. Both this and the revision of the philosophical positions about the function and origin of our chromosomes, and at the same time, a review of all technologies of genetics, doctors. Therefore, This leads to reorient the financial flows in biology and medicine, many not to taste. In addition I will say, the recent works of V.i. Scherbak proved another fundamental fact is protein code operates mathematics using an overly abstract notions of ZERO.
I. Shcherbak found in genetic calculation using zero. This is an extremely important fact, because zero is a purely mental creation, giving rise to a koordinatnomu consciousness and its quantitative evaluation measures the outside world, which is interpreted by the domestic organizmennym genetic consciousness-calculus. Thus, figures (along with the letters) become an integral part of the genetic (protein) code. And we must take the next strong position, the in vivo is an arithmetic operation in linguistic and/or textual genetics.
So, protein synthesis and genome in general have the ability to calculate the mathematical thinking and quasi as part of its. I Will Note, that’s not the thinking brain level, and quasi thinking genetic apparatus as biokomp′ûtera. Here we are dealing with different supported units of the same phenomenon-thinking and consciousness at the level of the cerebral cortex (one dimension of the highest order) and thinking and consciousness at the level of chromosomes and the protein synthesizing system (another dimension of the same, but the micro-scale). These simple considerations make biology, Genetics, medicine in completely different habitats, and it is clear to us, the canonical model of the genetic code is not FULL. The genome is a lingvistiko-mathematical structure, texts and algorithms of the creator. Thus it is necessary to take into account our recent theoretical and experimental development. They viewed, that genetic texts and other shaped character structure of the genome can be stored in the form of a hologram in liquid crystal polarization of chromosomes [Dmitri Tertyshny, Garyaev, 2007, Wave genetic control biological profiles of nanotechnology. Theory and experiments. New medical technologies, 2007, # 7, c. 49-64]. This information pool is huge and takes up most of the genome – about 98%. Amazing, the 98% of the genetic material is not well understood genetics and official called „garbage”! But that’s a topic for a separate big conversation.
It is also significantly, that the highest form of human consciousness at the level of the cerebral cortex are, apparently, the hromosomnym apparatus, as a major figure in any cell information. Correlate of thinking and consciousness once again are the text structure of sinteziruûŝihsâ protein fractions quickly. I Will Note, the most powerful synthesis of proteins is the brain, cortical neurons. The genome of the brain is also on the way golografirovaniâ with DNA resources. Thus, the way to start thinking-consciousness is based on material structures of DNA molecules, RNA and proteins, which are the reflections of speech technologies and Creator, as another being his thoughts.

Back to formal genetics. We see her hand with total disregard for the obvious gaping holes in the understanding of genome, Therefore, and the human body, animals, plants, bacteria, viruses. What it is and has already led? Take, for example, mnogomilliardnodollarovuû international human genome program. The theoretical framework of her taken Krikovo model of the genetic code. The result of 15 years of the program is as follows – studied the order of the 3 billion nucleotides in the DNA of human chromosome set. Found about 30,000 genes. It is approximately 2% of the human DNA genome. The Rest Of The, the main part of the, i.e.. These 98%, scientific official said debris! Set, the genes a person is virtually indistinguishable from its own e. coli, from asses, pigs, the more monkeys. Basically this enzyme genes, which, as tools of metabolism, versatile for almost all living beings. Sorry, Lord of genetics, I do not agree.
Genetically we are significantly different compared with bacteria and pigs! And differences of these other principles of genetic coding, that we, and not only are we, found, and implemented in those same 98% „rubbish” genomic DNA. And you, Lord formal genetics and molecular biologists, not want to know about it and declare the pseudoscience. Well not wrecking Li? Human genome program wasted spent a lot of money, actually washed them, providing a comfortable life for many years clans of dining on the ignorance of the real psevdoučenyh. But that’s half the trouble. Worse than the other is incorrect, an incomplete understanding of genetic coding led us to damnation „gene engineering, When replicated viral, bacterial, vegetable, animals himernye monsters, threats to genetic collapse of the entire planet.
What we offer, trying to find nature trails to âsnovidcam Russia, as Grabovoj, Petrov, Arep′ev and their students? And that brings us together with them? DNA is the creator, and it built the texts of DNA is similar to human speech. Many papers on the subject published, especially the Israelis have done much. This applies not only to known genes, but we believe, that the genome of the hologram in the most notorious 98% of „garbage” contain an enormous amount of interference packed genes. Here’s an example, indirectly confirming that thought. A recently published article by a group of Prûita from the United States , not anywhere, as in Nature-Nobel magazine! So this work forced the hearts of all official rejected the genetics. As shown by the elegant experiments, humble rasten′ice, Rezuška ‘ Tal ‘ (Arabidopsis thaliana), can call and set off ancestor gene HotHead, who was absent in his genome. The HotHead (normal gene) replaced the mutant hothead. Useful and promising endogenous manipulation … The original genome of mutant seeds previously analyzed blottingom and sequencing. There was gene, but in adult plants of these seed gene HotHead jumped out, as sh * t from the! Where it came from? Genetics still sneezes from this result, but Mendel, I guess, rolled over in his grave. Buzz on the Internet among the scientific official publication is terrible. By the way, we have a similar result from mutations of care received within 2 years before the Americans and published, but, Alas, not in Nature, and therefore it is not seen . Explanation for this phenomenon is simple-predkovye genes disappear, but not without a trace, they remain in the memory of the genome, packed in a hologram „junk” DNA. If such genes are useful body, It retrieves them. Such extraction may be abnormal and are called atavizmami. But I digress. So what we have in common with âsnovidcami, treating the sick and their own emissions? The link is obvious-the WORD is KVAZIGENETIČESKIJ MATERIAL at the level of micro- and macro-social relationships. The word and heal, and kill. Variant of this kind of impact on people is well known. This is a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Who is not only from our mothers in childhood until such talkers as Zhirinovsky. But if the attending, In addition to the art of speech, owns and increased compared to the ability to emit significant physical fields, i.e.. those, that emit a chromosome, cells and human head, the effects may be significant. What we see, from the resurrection of Christ, Lazarus, to the regeneration of organs and tissues of patients, apartments available: induced clairvoyance.

Emissivity of phenomena of this kind is particularly close to us. We investigate the genetic apparatus not only as the text structure, but as the structure of, reflecting the real, control by physical fields-sound, light, radio waves. We learned how to manipulate those fields as medical.
One of the spectra of electromagnetic fields, emitted by the chromosomes, more precisely, their DNA, is the laser light from the ultraviolet to the INFRARED range. Actually, It is predicted by our scientist A.g. Gurvich in the 20 ‘s of the last century. He is the author of the theory of biological field. His research stimulated the work of my group, since 1985.
Theory of A.g. Gurvich very briefly can be expressed in one sentence-chromosomes have wave equivalent.
I was fortunate enough for 10 years, from 1987 to 1997, work at the Physical Institute of the ACADEMY of talented physicists-theorists and lazerŝikov. I remember, under the influence of ideas Gurvich, I invited a group of scholars FIANa do laser on molecules of DNA and chromosomes. It was greeted with skepticism, but convinced, and the work we did have the effect of pumping-laser DNA and chromosomes in vitro using copper vapor laser pikosekundnogo. This was published in the journal of quantum electronics in 1996. And after 6 years of similar results obtained Japanese authors . Now no one can argue, the chromosomes can work like a laser source and the photons it can transmit genetic signal from the cell.
About photon genetic transfer, It was gipotetično, Although there had been some work in this direction-study Jiang-Kan′dženâ, Kaznacheyev, Burlakova, Budagovskogo. This is our, Russians. Americans also thought in this direction – Richard Miller in 1973 first proposed the idea of ​​holographic memory of chromosomes. It was all, but not clearly, without a developed theory and low-margin experiments. And in 1994, we, together with George Tertyshna at the Institute of Control Sciences began a long series of investigations, to create a hardware, approximates the character (genetic) radiation of the chromosomes in the body.
In 1996. I came up with the idea, the main pool of genetic information was recorded mainly at the level of the optical activity of the DNA of chromosomes in holographic form, the ability to rotate the plane of polarization of incident light to them. Chromosome continuum of a multicellular organism is the polarization hologram and laser, reading the genetic information with self illumination. To prove it, I suggested to use and modify the special laser, sensitive to the optical activity of the chromosomes and, Accordingly,, to information, recorded in the chromosomes at this level.
Started to experiment. One of the series of experiments was especially convincing. We took a clean DNA, the selection of Arabidopssis thaliana plants. Preparation of DNA is always damaged genetic material, It’s not complete, undamaged chromosomes. DNA is damaged when you select, removed special chromosomal proteins. That’s such a bad DNA matrix we scanned our laser beam. This type of laser, as it turned out, transition photon of radio waves.
To move this too special a long conversation. We have physical and mathematical formalism of this phenomenon.
These radio waves and associated with photons of a laser beam. And when Ray probes DNA preparation, the information, read the DNA preparation, rewritten for radio waves. And those, in turn,, carry on indefinitely long distances in all four sides. So we have tried to convey in 2000 a wave genetic and, Let me remind you, damaged genetic information from the DNA of Arabidopsis at a distance of about 6 km between our Institute of Control Sciences and the Institute of General Genetics RAS. What came out of it?

But it turned out that, What we expected. Arabidopsis seeds sprouts the recipient had transmitted false information and have mutated. Hundreds of seedlings have mutated. Pure phenotypically these were so-called embryonic lethal mutations by Müller. But the unusual mutation, not associated with breaks DNA in chromosomes of recipients (energy radio waves small). In generation 2 mutation is inherited, and 3-m gone. What were their unusual mutation, or rather, kvazimutacii, us still unclear. Probably, they have been associated with induced changes in the topology of plant chromosomes, chromosomes as dynamic liquid crystals (holograms). It was a departure from the mutations and revert to the original phenotype plants, similar to, that watched the Group Prûita with HotHead gene, as has already been mentioned. Then a similar kvazimutagenez and care of 3 generations we saw on potato plant. I focus-only closely related recipients perceived wave morphogenetic signals.

That meant such, It would seem, bad experiments? We damaged the recipient genome. He pointed us in the direction of future therapeutic and other useful effects on the genetic apparatus of such radio waves. If we have a certain mutation have spatially located far from the recipient, You cannot do so selectively kill the weeds, pests and disease vectors, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, etc., and so on. Opened wide horizons.
Any good idea should be simple at its core. Our idea is simple, but with a giant physical-mathematical apparatus. When you take our articles, will understand, that is not as simple as that, Although the framework is clear. This framework is called the „do as I do”. If you give the wave early genetic and metabolic information of an object impact, on the recipient, you get to actually address the Office metabolism.

Now about another. Regeneration of organs and tissues-, that is central to the work of the Arcadia Naumovich Petrova and the, What do other magicians of Russia. And whether we regenerate organs and tissues in humans our technology? That would be just great, and’d motivated the medicine in this direction, as well as treating the clairvoyants would support the position of science. And it would be a great affirmation of, that mental technology clairvoyants are based not on Breda grey mares in the moonlit night, and are based on classical physics and wave genetics. Decided to try.
There is the so-called alloksanovaâ model of diabetes. She studied enough. It is well known, that cures diabetes invested billions of dollars. Use a little. Insulin is the primary tool. And we decided to try to grow pancreas directly in the body, using the alloksanovuû model. There is such a powerful poison-alloxan. Suffice rat injected 50 mg alloxan, she dies from diabetes-destroys beta cells and insulin disappears from the blood, that leads to the death of animals.
The first experiment was set in ICS RAS in 2000 together with the Institute for Theoretical Biology and Eksperimntalnoy Puschino. The experiment was successful, rats have recovered, pancreas regenerates. But rats were few – 36, statistically, therefore, was not. However, we have been seen in Canada and received an invitation to work for this theme.

Arrived in Toronto from 2001 to 2002, worked in a powerful company SynX. There are ideal conditions for work. We repeated our positive results in substantially greater numbers of rats with good statistics. This demonstrated the, that distance does not play a critical role for the wave of the morphogenetic signals, able to run a regeneration of the pancreas in situ-directly in the body of the animal. The distance from the laser to the sick animal is from 1 cm to 20 km. The results have caused shock among Canadian researchers, who participated in the experiments. Experiments for us were instantly terminated. We were told, that curing rat put to sleep! The question is why? The answer was-experiments are finished. After that we went back to Moscow, understand yourself, in what state. Our attempts to resume this work in the capital have not met with any support, Moreover, Academician Kruglyakov publicly announced me lžeučënym, citing the example of „all” of our ideas for creating a laser on the molecules of DNA. I told him an open letter on the Internet. (A) publication of the Japanese, confirmed our results on DNA-laser, put the oily spot on Kruglâkove. The Word, From 2002 to 2007, I tried to continue studies. Unsuccessfully. And the ISP RAS I already not allowed, Thanks Kruglâkovu.
But fate brought me to the Arcadia Naumovich Petrova. The trip began in the cities of Russia, performances, where I explained the scientific validity of work groups Grabovoi and Petrov, and at the same time talked about our research. And there was a group of doctors, responded, asked them to teach. I told them all, trained. These guys totally reiterated Canadian experiments, It is published in WAC-the planetusa team journal . Amazing, official science allowed the publication of wave genes. Means, some progress has. Following the article published a theoretical analysis of the results , and one in continuation of this analysis remains to be.
„We in Almaty is eaten worms Apple Orchard, that is, this problem can be solved?

P. Garyaev: The same, as we have mutations in Arabidopsis and potatoes. Need a product or cell nucleus DNA of these worms. Next, we modify this material x-ray or ultraviolet light. It will be the source of false information for wave worms, that destabilizes the normal operation of their genome. The worms will die.
-How did you come to the theory of Arcadia Naumovich? How do you stykuetes′?

(A). Petrov: Yes I they were portrayed on the Internet in their address, and he heard.

P. Garyaev: And properly made, that had been. I saw on the Internet its critical comment regarding the safety of our works. Come to the Arcadia Deyneka, explained, tried to convince, that work on the wave genetics will develop regardless of, whether we like it or not, as well as the expressed views, that these works can give real scientific substantiation of clairvoyance, understanding, as the human genome responsible for speech and mental-wave impact, of psyhology allow him. With that and went into our contacts.

(A). Petrov: And when they see in clairvoyance, see compression, compression of the DNA information, it becomes clear, the DNA is the same situation, about Petr Petrovich said. And when a chromosomal DNA frees its wave information, She works as a hologram, giving the speech and other images. With this piece of DNA can be read directly, When she, as liquid crystal, made of dense packing her threads for. And such texts can be read not only along its supply chain, but inside out, from right to left, from left to right, up, down, in general the multidimensional, in all directions. This is awesome information. And she, of course, is the digital equivalent of.

P. Garyaev: It’s like a crossword puzzle, only he is a multidimensional.

(A). Petrov: There is also a very interesting phase-when the poetic texts begin from there go. When one reaches a certain dive into your own consciousness, analyzing the DNA-continuum, There is a very significant, but poètizirovannaâ information, that is, she rhymed. It Turns Out, as this possibility is. This we know, that different people are writing in different ways (from right to left, from left to right, etc.), It means, that the writing and the structure of DNA is a common. That is, each nation is developing a global programme, which has a fixation on DNA level. Pyotr Petrovich by science, and we on the other hand, We see the same. And we have also been working with stem cells, regeneration is based on stem cells is conducted.

P. Garyaev: What is now prospect occurs. Here is the broadband electromagnetic spectrum DNA, What we learn from it. With it, you can operate on specific programs and reach the most different biological effects. Only a careful work. There is no end of work. It will also be a sort of wave of genetic engineering. But we will not go ahead, How are today’s transgenic „engineers”. First, you need to understand the genome, and after manipulated for the benefit of the people and all life on Earth. Spectra, What we record, You can receive not only with DNA, cells and organisms. Any substance gives these unusual and previously unknown spectra. In general this is a new type of dynamic polarization-wave laser spectroscopy. We here at the very beginning. For Example, You can get gem spectra. Many of them have biological activity, and it reinforces many Spectra ratio. And they all give their unique ringtones, If you translate the range of radio waves into sound.

(A). Petrov: In his time, We have a boy, When we’re with Igor Vital′evičem Arep′evym worked, and he had a crisis situation. And at the same time, it was evident, There is a forecast for a future phase, What if now display child from this crisis, He then becomes a serial killer, Maniac. And here is the difference between a device and an, which still promotes itself, instead of the device. Because he has the ability to predict the future and know, What will happen next. And the boy was found a solution-first a spiritual development, and then his health-correction. And then here is this heavy forecast phase is gone.

P. Garyaev: To sum it up, back to our experiments with rats. Actually, We have programmed for stem cells. The task now facing medicine, because programming stem cells is the possibility to replace the old and sick people to new bodies, slow their aging, to extend the active life. Here are investing billions of dollars around the world. AND, I have to say, wasted. Without an understanding of the principles of wave genetics, the problem will become a black hole, where wasted will inject money and labor researchers. The only question is why? After all, your problem is it, touted by Saucerful. But it was hard to be presented is the result of 20 years of theoretical and experimental work.

I thank my numerous collaborators and colleagues, I worked these decades, without cooperation with which nothing would have happened. Especially, I am grateful to the optical Department of the FIANa, with whom I was able to work productively for 10 years, and I think the closest colleague, the brilliant physics-George G. Tertyšnomu.