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The programme aims at maintaining eye health at high Visual loads

The programme aims at maintaining eye health at high Visual loads, in particular when working at the computer, elderly people, works with bright light, Dystrophic changes in the retina, short-sightedness etc.

In the human body every second and quietly proceed various vital processes, the breach of which gives rise to harmful phenomena. Even a slight upset them reduces the State of health of the person, causes the feeling of weakness and lethargy.

Most diseases, that affect the human body, are treatable. The proposed programme support view seeks normalization of biological and chemico-physiological processes, occurring in the human body. This effectively allows you to restore sight and rid the body of influence of many pathogenic factors.

In the framework of a programme for the put the use of modern technology wave (quantum) Genetics. It is the application of a special laser equipment, allows to read and transmit genetic cellular information through steps aimed the photons, able to change its polarization. This property of the particles has been successfully used in various spheres of science. When sensing body broadband electromagnetic spectrum can read, and then the transfer of cells of various tissues of the body programmed information, which restores normal functioning.

With the scanning beam by using computer programs to read information about vibrational dynamics and polarization parameters of healthy cells, which is then converted into a wide range of radio waves. The resulting information about structures and functions are being digitized and translated into audible signals normal range, perceived human hearing. Acoustic signal contains information about bioactive source cell properties and later used to treat, Prevention and inhibition of aging processes of cellular structures.

Advances in science allowed to create wave genetics, that is real and painless for the patient solves problems in normalization of his organism status. The proposed programme helps bring the broken processes, taking place in the body, the values of their standards.

Unlike cosmetic procedures quantum correction actually slows the aging process, organizes the correct metabolism and significantly strengthens the immune system. Its foundations were laid in cellular functions at the gene level, acoustic signal only helps to strengthen their.

ctivation of metabolic processes, restore water balance, getting rid of edemas, cleansing the lymphatic system. Eliminate skin flabbiness. Configuring the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of the sexual sphere.

Genetic structure, as proven scientists, can experience the influence not only of material nature, they are well exposed to them susceptible to electromagnetic and acoustic waves. The information capacity of the human genome in the most widely used in the treatment and prevention of various pathological processes.

Medical studies confirm, that the development of many diseases, influencing women’s health, directly related to the influence of hormones on some tissue cells with the subsequent violation of their DNA. Affect this process is almost impossible to drugs. In addition, most of the negative phenomena underlie the genetic mechanisms of aging and wear of cells, as well as the oppression of the protective functions of the body.

At present, almost every women’s Health Center offers its customers an opportunity to rejuvenate cells using various biological additives, whose effectiveness is questionable enough. Proven, that aging is genetic program, change that traditional means is quite difficult.

The proposed programme „Women’s lineallows you to not only significantly improve women’s health, but also to rejuvenate her body. The essence of the method, on the basis of which developed program, is the use of laser technology, allows to collect, and then process and transmit genetic information by modifying its polarization of photons.

The basis for collecting information in most cases, the use of umbilical cord blood cells or other cellular material, that was not susceptible to pathological processes. Information, the scanning beam, must digitize and using special computer programs transferred to audible to humans range of acoustic waves normal range. Thus, saving the source of biologically active cell properties, which are then used to „settings” the normal functioning of the cell bodies woman.

This technology allows you to effectively restore the menstrual cycle and affect various pathological, including malignant, processes, proceeding on the basis of a woman’s genitals cells. Wave genetics applies independently, and as a complement to traditional methods of performing therapeutic procedures. The positive results of this quantum correction is closely studied by various scholars to improve existing methodologies.

The action programme „Women’s health», In addition to rejuvenation, implements and effective getting rid of edemas, arising from a violation of the functions of normal metabolism and hormonal regulation. Wave correction of biological and physiological state, First of all, aims to reduce sensitivity of the female body to various antigens and pathogens phenomena.

The development of science and technology have made it possible to establish and effectively apply methods of wave (quantum) Genetics, one of the major tasks of which is to improve metabolism in the human body. This primarily affects the improvement of immunity.