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Whole-body metabolism correction program

The metabolism of the human body is a vital function of, violation of which leads to the emergence and development of pathogenic disease processes. The first to suffer the protective functions, because the over-accumulation of toxic substances leads to increased load on the immune system. Even a slight metabolic disorder lowers the level of well-being of man, leads to a feeling of weakness, lethargy, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Traditional medicine to restore the normal functioning of organs and systems recommends using a variety of tools and techniques. Of Course, various pharmacological drugs and chemicals can change overall metabolism the organism, However, they are not always effective, and the consequences of the application of some of them is not always predictable, Besides such doubtful success justifies the incurred material costs. However, the progress of science and advanced technologies have made it possible to establish and effectively apply methods of wave (quantum) Genetics, one of the major tasks of which is to improve metabolism in the human body. This primarily affects the improvement of immunity.
Protective functions of the organism is a complex and multi-phase system reactions to pathogenic manifestations, which consists of four phases:

  1. activation;
  2. compensation;
  3. decompensation;
  4. restoration.

How to make sure the development of immunological deficiency? For this purpose it is necessary to conduct an analysis of a few simple signs, pointing to a decline of protective functions of the body. To him, in particular, include:

  • the flow in the body of pathological processes in chronic forms and recurrence of colds;
  • the appearance of eczema, skin and various skin diseases;
  • relapse of a viral lesion tissues, including herpes virus;
  • Pustular and ulcerated mucous membranes of the mouth and gums;
  • defeat fungal infections;
  • development of pathologies, agents which are micro-organisms.

The presence of even one of these symptoms indicates, It is time to take care of their own health improvement, because the immune system is unable to cope with the disease manifestations. The reason for this may be metabolic diseases or other pathological processes, occurring in the body.

The proposed

based on the use of a specially designed laser technology to produce photons, able to change its polarization. Due to this property, when the human body sensing of broadband electromagnetic spectrum is achieved the ability to read transmitted genetic information tissue cells, hold their tuning, restoring the normal functioning of the.

Thus, turns out to be a positive therapeutic effect on many processes, occurring in the human body, including and treatment of metabolism as a result of his violation of various pathogenic phenomena.

Information medicine is modern direction using the latest scientific developments in the field of wave genetics. The ways of its use are constantly being improved, and the results are actively explores the leading workers of Moscow State University. Bauman. Quantum correction of biological and chemico-physiological functions is not only metabolism normalization, but general improvement, as well as rejuvenation.