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The program is directed against cancer

Oncology-direction of modern medicine, which combines a set of means and methods for dealing with the emergence and development of the human body formations malignant character. Important role in this process is carcinogenesis -the emergence of tumor. His understanding can give new impetus to the development and improvement of the therapeutic and preventative methods to combat this phenomenon.

Opportunities information medicine harmoniously combined with traditional methods. Its positive results are confirmed by the study of influence of wave genetics on the functions of living cells in the Moscow State University. Bauman.

In recent times the use capacity, wave offers (quantum) Genetics in the treatment of cancer, received the most widespread. The proposed programme is a correction wave genetic new direction of modern science. It provides not only treatment of oncological processes, occurring in the body, but his broad prophylactic to prevent tumor formation.

Many medical studies have confirmed, What is the main factor, influencing the occurrence of some cancers, is genetic predisposition. The use of wave (quantum) Genetics allows you to reconfigure the body cells, significantly reducing the likelihood of disease.

The program makes use of the latest laser technology, allows to generate particles photons, modify its polarization. This property is used when sensing the body’s tissues broadband electromagnetic spectrum for transmission of its cells necessary for genetic information on the molecular and cellular level.

Traditional diagnosis and treatment of cancer often limited to conduct surgical procedures in the patient’s body and the influence of various drugs and chemicals. In the vast number of cases conducted only therapeutic interventions. Possibility of wave genetics and their significantly superior to, because it allows fine tuning and recovery functionality of the body’s cells, complementing the traditional methods of treating cancer, existing to date.

Preventive value

oncological processes cannot be overstated. For some it may be the only opportunity to part with gene anomalies and live a long and happy life. Used by special sound ranges and quantum Spectra «configure» tissue cells to normal functioning, not involving crashes and abnormalities in their development.

The basic secrets of occurrence and development of tumors, the appearance of congenital abnormalities and defects hidden in the genetic characteristics of the organism, Therefore, in the near future, effective treatment of cancer without the use of possibilities of quantum genetics becomes impossible.