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The program strengthens the immune system

Over time, each in varying degrees of suffering from disease. Some of them, as it seems, pass without leaving a trace, and some of them cause serious pathological changes. However, the progressive disorder of protective functions of the body becomes the basis for the development of pathological processes in it.

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A method of wave genetics allows us to professionally correct biological and chemical and physiological properties of the organism, whose task is to reduce the sensitivity to various antigens and pathogens phenomena. Stabilizing immune system health and functionality of internal organs, We help to organize the process of normal metabolism and fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

The modern human condition contain many factors, influencing the decline of protective functions of the body, in particular:

transfer of diseases, caused by infections, bacteria, fungi and viruses;
violation of the regime and balance of power;
accumulation of toxic substances in the body, entering the nicotine addiction and excessive alcohol consumption;
physiological and hormonal changes, caused by processes of wear and aging, as well as during pregnancy;
wrong choice of therapeutic healing tactic of progressive diseases;
the transition occurring in the body of pathological processes in chronic form.

With age for many people maintain health disorders becomes a continuous process, requiring significant time and cost. To avoid this, requires timely correction of the immune system, that would ensure a constant internal natural defense Wednesday.

Currently, information resources are filled with a variety of proposals to improve the health status of universal tools, most of its extent devoted to use of immunotropnyh drugs and biological additives. In contrast, our Center correction of the immune system offers an effective programme for the whole range of activities, aimed at improving the general condition of the organism.

Methods of wave genetics allow a measured and carefully implement tactics of intervention and body configuration, effectively eliminate causes immunological failure. Some programs, aimed at treatment of immune system When her disorder, also support the vital activities of the congenital form of immunodeficiency diseases.

Modern pharmacological drugs increase the immunological reactivity due to the significant increase of phagocyte activity of leukocytes, accelerate the activation of the protective properties of the organism and its restoration. However, only integrated correction of immunity is the key to successful prevention and treatment of diseases. Recently, restore normal immune regulation, balance of vitamins and trace elements by using the methods of the wave is very popular.

The basis used
lie profound medical research metabolic changes, related to violation of synthesis and excretion of interleukin and interferon. Our Centre of correction of immunity applies the most advanced preventive and therapeutic methods of realization of quantum principles of correction, guaranteeing the improvement of protective and other body functions.