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The basis for the proposed idea of establishing DNA-wave bio-computer, that will use the memory cells made up with genetic molecules, based on experimental and theoretical work implemented by the authors, in which:
(a)The ability of DNA to be a true laser source is proven
(b)The ability of DNA to generate soliton waves acting as memorys, is proven
(c)The phenomenon of converting localized photons in radio waves, is discovered
(d)The phenomenon of DNA spectral memorization by localized photons, is discovered
(e)is discovered the genetic information transfer phénomenon, in the electromagnetic field polarizing modulations, when the photons to radio waves conversion happens.
Based on this data, the wave theory of genes is build up, in which a the genetic information dualistic interpretation as the unity of material and wave chromosomes encoding functions is proposed. Also is proposed the hypothesis of the genome quantum nonlocality of higher organisms. A set of obtained results allows authors to suggest, that artificial DNA-computing can not be fully implemented, without taking account of the genetic apparatus properties . The key structure of DNA-wave computer will be the phenomenon of DNA memory on solitons and localised photons with elements of quantum nonlocality of such a memory. The genetic information from viewpoint of the wave genes theory in 1985 years. one of the authors has detected unusual vibrational modes of DNA, ribosomes and collagen, in vitro, by using a method of dynamic laser light scattering. Recently this has been confirmed by us , In addition, the phenomenon of laser light to radio waves transformation has been discovered [27, 28]. This transformation is, probably related to, the effect of quantum nonlocality, and it memorises thanks to a method developed by us. There are some reasons to believe, that the higher biosystems genetic apparatus has the ability to be quantumly non-local . This enables the cells, the tissues, and the full organism, to be in a coherent state excess . These results, once again,, but at a higher level, confirm our theory of wave genes [29, 30, 46]. Its key position is that, the chromosome apparatus of biosystems is acting simultaneously as a source and a receiver of geno-iconic laser, solitons and holographic fields. In addition, the multicellular organisms chromosome continuum is in some semblance of static-dynamic spatial-temporal multiplex holographic grid, in which the organism’s time-space is cocooned. But these are not the genetics structures coding capacities limits . Nucleotide sequence of DNA, constituting the holographic and/or quasi-holographic grids, do shape else text speech-like structures, that substantially changes our understanding of the genetic code. Evolution of biosystems has created genetic «texts» and the genome-biocomputer as quasi-a intelligent «subject», which at his level, «reads and understands» these texts. It is extremely important for the support of this basic «reasonableness» of the genome, that natural (no matter in which language) human texts and genetic «texts» have similar mathematical-linguistic and further entropy-statistical characteristics. This applies, in particular, to such a notion as the fractality of the occurrence distribution of the letters density frequencies, in natural and genetic texts (for genetic «texts», letters are nucleotides) [1]. Below you will find our results about the similarity of such fractals for genetic and natural texts. Another confirmation of the genome code function linguistic interpretation was unveiled by American researchers [31]. Working with «coding» and «not coding» Eukaryotic DNA sequences (from the old notions of genes viewpoint), the authors concluded, a contrary to dogma result, about how, that iconic functions where located only in DNA protein encrypting sequences sites . They applied a method of statistical analysis of natural and musical texts, known as the law Tzipfa-Mandelbrot, and the Shannon principle of information text redundancy , calculated as the entropy of texts. As a result, that not coding regions of DNA are more similar to natural languages, than coding, and that, Perhaps, no coding sequence of genetic molecules are the basis for a (or more) biological language. The authors have developed a statistical algorithm to find coding DNA sequences, which revealed, that protein-coding areas have significantly lower long-ranged-ranged compared with zones, separating these areas. The distribution of DNA sequences has proved so complex, the methods used to stop an effective work at the lengths, greater than 103 base pairs. Zipf distribution-Mandelbrot to occurrence „word frequency” with the number of nucleotides 3 to 8 show more matching non-coding sequences of natural language as compared to encoding.
Once again, What encoding the authors understand how to record information about the amino acid sequence, and only. And this paradox, which forced them to, that not coding regions of DNA is not just „junk” („trash”), and structure, for some goals with unclear until the appointment. Long-range correlations in these structures are also authors, Although an increasing complexity does not encode sequences in the evolution of Biosystems. This data is fully consistent with our ideas on how to, that not coding DNA sequences (and that 95% -99% of the genome) are the strategic content of the chromosomes. It has a, as we see it, the wave-nature of material, It is multidimensional and is, in essence, as the associative-shaped and lingvistiko-wave program embryogenesis, Semantic and logical end any Biosystems. Instinctively realizing this, authors with a nostalgic sadness to say goodbye to the old and well which served as the model for the genetic code, not offering, the truth, Nothing in return.

What is a "DNA computer" l. Adlemana?

But the logic of the development of research in this area at first goes in the other direction. DNA molecules are used as purely physical „parallel compute» structure. It started in 1994, When Leonard Adleman, Professor of computer science from the University of Southern California, proposed algorithm using DNA to solve a version of the traveling salesman problem» [49]. It is one expression of the so-called problem Gamil′tonianovskogo Path in difficult mathematical tasks (Hamiltonian Path Problem, or HPP), and it is connected with over a vast number of options for possible solutions for optimal. Adleman using „DNA computing” decided problem for 7 cities and highways 13 therebetween, When you need to get the shortest route to visit each one of these cities. It took only one week for a response, While traditional computers would have needed several years. It was used the basic phenomenon, typical molecules of DNA-the ability of its solitary chains to the complementary vzaimouznavaniâm. This phenomenon is, that any fragments of each of the two chains of DNA in solution (or in the chromosomes of a living cell) only their own, in a sense mirror, halves and form a normal dual spiral. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the common properties of highly organized biostructures and polymer molecular entity nadmolekulârnyh to samosborke. So in vitro-in vivo to self-assemble Ribosomes, membrane, the chromosome, viruses and phages. Including DNA odnonitevye. The success and speed of spontaneous DNA halves each other searches, as an act of self-organization (self-Assembly) and provided high speed search options within the „traveling salesman problem». Reasons for fast and precise vzaimouznavanij halves of DNA were unknown until recently. And it is extremely important for the effective establishment of a DNA computer, and this is discussed below. More details on model Adlemana, as his and our logic is fundamentally different. As we (and not only) We believe, path, who chose the Adleman and his many followers, using DNA as a computational structure, they incorrectly evaluated as some kind of DNA computing. David Gifford, one of the major influencers in computing;, first he got Adlemana, said, „this is not a molecular computer, and that this technique „.can only deal with certain types of combinatorial problems, This is not a universal or programmable computer IBM PC type» [50]. To understand the, Why are we and Gifford, brief look at method Adlemana. He marked each city as a segment of single-stranded DNA of 20 bases (bases) with random sequences. The roads between any two cities have been presented as complementary single-stranded DNA segments 20 bases, which overlap half way between the cities of. This is the canonical rule of mating grounds in dvutâžnyh DNA: Adenine-Thymine, Guanine-Cytosine. Way between cities 7 begins with the double-stranded DNA fragment, that connects any two cities. It Is Important To, that DNA fragments, designating one city, may be more than one. Then a 100 milliardov radioactively labeled „DNA-city” and „DNA-paths” were mixed and expanded in vitro enzymatic amplification of DNA. On this, as Adleman, „DNA computing” ends. Next, to get the answer-the best way (certain fractions of DNA), the reaction mixture with „answer” èlektroforetičeski shared with the, to get all the way, from „start” to „the end”. Then allocate the path, who once passed through 7 towns; isolated path between 7 different cities. And if discovered DNA fraction „means” after this phase, they were considered the best («winners»). In this „resolution” and the traveling salesman problem. In the process of finding a „solution” involving billions of parallel rapidly occurring complementary spontaneous (not programmable man) acts „recognitions” odnotâžnyh DNA and billions of spontaneous replication of these molecules of enzyme. The small amount of time and energy is something like „genetic soup». The speed and accuracy of the molecular processes is unthinkable for the equivalent operations in the digital electronic computers, using deterministic vector of information processing. In the case of „DNA computing”, How to believe, are not deterministic parallel processing of large arrays of numbers-letters (4 DNA nucleotides).

So, An algorithm for solving the Gamil′tonianovskogo way to Adlemanu this is the:
1. Random paths were graph.
2. Saves only those paths, that start (in the case of cities (A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G)) from the start in A and ends in G.
3. If the city has n cities, only stores the path in the n cities (n = 7).
4. Saves only those paths, who are all of one day.
5. Any remaining paths are solutions of. Molecular-biological stages of the solution are the following operations:
(a)) Odnotâžnyh DNA synthesis.
b) Separation length with 20 1996 pp. 16-basic DNA.
in) Mixing them in test tubes.
y.) Selection of strands of DNA with known sequences.
d) The selection of complementary DNA dvutâžnyh reassociaciej.
(e)) PCR-amplification (reproduction) DNA.
f) Cutting of DNA restriktazami.
w) DNA Ligation, complementary „sticky ends”.
and) determination of the presence or absence of labeled DNA in test tubes.
What is the effectiveness of such a system of „computing? While existing digital computers producing 109 operations at Joel, „DNA computer” can do 2 • 1019 operations to Joule, ie 1010 more effectively. information density in DNA – 1 bit / nm3, and in existing computers 1012 nm3 comprise 1 bit „[50]. Still,, whether this DNA as part of such a methodology, the work of komp″ûtera? No. In this version,, under controlled conditions, spontaneously, in parallel modes is accumulating a huge amount of DNA (). Including the right (optimal). Then begins the actual computing, but it is the people. A meaningful selection of fractions of DNA is the process of obtaining the solution of traveling salesman problem. The computer here is people, the mental part is the condition to receive a reply. But it is not involved in programming DNA, What drew them together would work with digital komp′ûtingom. DNA itself „programmed” on complementarity in the evolution of living systems. Odnonitevye DNA is initially capable vzaimouznavaniâm. Fundamentally, that complementarity of Adenine-Thymine, Guanine-Cytosine only in the final stages is provided by the close working relationship between hydrogen nitrogen bases. Preliminary sighting of „interference” between odnonitevymi DNA, and between tRNA-mRNA Antigen-antibody, etc.. are carried out at the distant wave interactions („the recognitions”). This ability of DNA can be called the notion of potency of elemental images, and hence, Computing Conference. But the phenomenon of another kind, namely, DNA-wave computing. The fundamental difference between DNA-wave computing from digital in, that he operates with images of and quasi-speech builds [1, 30]. The bio computer does not work with numbers, as the equivalent of wealth (such, for example, as currency), and with the wealth of. As mentioned, „the traveling salesman problem” successfully and spontaneously, without the mental human participation, are addressed in such acts in vitro self-Assembly — in vivo as ribosomal biogenesis, viruses, membranes, polisub″ediničnyh protein, as well as in the processes of self-organization of the chromosome apparatus after mitosis and meiosis. In addition, These mechanisms are used live cage when ways of rapprochement in Antigen-antibody reactions, tRNA-mRNA, protein-receptor, etc.. These acts achieved quick search and finding the optimal wave vectors of the self-organization of Biosystems, the highest expression of which is the biomorfogenez.
Parallelism and restriktnyh amplification of DNA fragments with the reproduction of many „solutions” in the „computing” model Adlemana can also be seen as an example of artificial nonlocality-generated in the reaction tubes „DNA-semantic” habitats, because there is no spatial and temporal precision binding decisions, the traveling salesman problem. Locality here occurs only after the adoption of the true solution in the local head of the person after the selection of certain factions of the „DNA of winners». The correct and effective use of DNA, as the main information element of a potential biokomp′ûtera, It is inconceivable without an understanding of the new features of genetic molecules in biological systems. It would seem, on the role of the DNA of all clear-long opened the genetic code, There are half a dozen Nobel Prize winners. Like, the advances in genetic engineering. In recent years, however, it turned out, that all is not so rosy. In fact, genetics and Embryology have reached a new level of, When knowledge about DNA, as a carrier of the famous triplet code of proteins, is not enough. As decades ago, we do not know the Chief is how written information about the structure of our body in chromosomes, as it is read. The accepted model of the genetic code — only a weak approach to understanding the human body. Already that, This model assumes that most of the DNA in the chromosomes of „trash”, do not perform any role, called into question its validity. It is this „non-coding” part of chromosome material requires a different mindset, especially in trying to create a DNA computer, not to mention our desire to understand the phenomenon of Life.

The DNA-biokomputing

The language diversity of the genetic apparatus and simulation of iconic wave processes in chromosomes.
We Remind, the chromosome apparatus, as the system of record, stores, modifying and transmitting genetic information, can be addressed simultaneously at the level of Substance and the level well enough studied physical fields, whom, as carriers of genetic and obŝeregulâtornoj information, operates on a continuum of DNA molecules, RNA and proteins. Here are implemented, According to our research, previously unknown types of memory (solitonnaâ, holographic, polarization), and the DNA molecule can work as biolazery and as a record of the laser signal [21, 29]. In addition, We found, that DNA is capable of radiating laser induced broadband electromagnetic radio wave field (see. above). Viewed from this standpoint that the genetic code is significantly different than the „canonical”, but inaccurate model. The old model of the genetic code can explain only protein biosynthesis mechanism of living organisms. Therefore, it is only the primary links in the interpretations of a complex hierarchical chain of physical and wave holographic, semiotiko-semantic, in General, shaped, encoding and decoding functions of chromosomes. Dna Molecule, as Geno-the sign continuum any Biosystems, able to build prototype biostructures and organism in general how to register dynamic, successive wave „copies” or „matrix”, isomorphic architecture of organisms. This continuum is a razmetočnym, calibration field to build the Biosystems. In this regard, the rapid and precise DNA odnotâžnyh vzaimouznavaniâ, the mechanism, which took Adleman to solve „the traveling salesman problem” is just one of the ways self-organization Biosystems. Vzaimouznavanie, in particular, is because, the molecules of DNA are generated special sverhustojčivye acoustic-electromagnetic waves, solitons, some varieties which can be interpreted in the context of the open in 1949. the phenomenon of Fermi-pasta-Ulam (FPU). These solitons are DNA memory, peculiar phenomenon FPU-return. It is expressed in the, the nonlinear systems are able to remember the initial fashion excitations and periodically to „come back”. We Remind, that liquid crystals of DNA within chromosomes is a typical nonlinear system. Another type of DNA memory-continuum in the body-kvazigolografičeskaâ, She and fractal, as any hologram has a fractal. This memory is one of the manifestations of the nonlocality of the genome (see. above), and it is a fundamental property of Biosystems Engineering is to restore the whole of its parts. This property is well known (cuttings of plants, regeneration of the tail in lizards, regeneration of the whole body of oocyte). The most advanced form of this memory-holographic (associative) memory brain, the neurons. All these results are here only because, that it is futile to speculate about a DNA computer, even deciding to using DNA molecules „the salesman”, If you do not take into account the new logic in understanding wave signed, coding DNA biofunkcij. Solitary waves (solitons) DNA, running the length of the, may act as „agents” of the iconic structures of the genome. This role perform wave torsion vibrations of nucleotides in the DNA sites odnotâžnyh, as well as RNA [11]. An iconic oscillatory dynamics of such twists of nucleotides is, probably related to, one of many nonlinearly-dynamic semiotic entity genome. With regard to the term „DNA” lyrics, that was taken on loan by linguists for metaphoric use, the structure of this text is DNA really akin to human speech. Our mathematical-linguistic studies [1, 5, 7] have shown, that such a key parameter, as fraktal′nost′, one for DNA and human speech. This can be seen when comparing Rice. 1a, where is the density matrix of chaotic game view some projection of text in English, and rice. 1b, which is similar to a matrix of nucleotide sequence, coding primary structure of a protein casein. Such observations are consistent with earlier work in this area (see, e.g., n. Chomsky’s work on the universal grammars or monograph. M.m. Makovsky „Linguistic genetics» (1992.)). Using these theoretical developments and own data on the chemistry of DNA, We were able to experimentally prove to convolution of genetic information in the form of a soliton wave packets, the physical-mathematical formalism of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU).

Such wave packets with an artificially imposed in bio-information they speed, generated by us electronic devices-FPU, can be resonant information contact with the genetic apparatus of animals, plants and, probably related to, man with a subsequent sharp and made changing their metabolism. It Turned Out, the substance of heredity, DNA, is the generator of the FPU-soliton acoustic-electromagnetic fields. That is why FPU-generators are able to enter the wave information in chromosomes for electromagnetic resonant mechanisms. Effectiveness of the FPU-generators by orders of magnitude increases, If in practice use the phenomenon of the mathematical community of fractal structure of DNA „texts” and human speech [1, 30]. Grammar genetic texts is, probably related to, a special case of universal grammars of all languages to people. Why are physical and semantic resonances soliton structures of DNA and synthetic iconic FPU-soliton field, as analogues of natural FPU-chromosomal fields. Entering a certain code generator LSF commands through verbal in the genetic apparatus of radiation-damaged wheat and barley seeds, We have been able to significantly reduce the number of chromosomal aberrations, that is actually block the damaging effect of x-ray irradiation. Moreover, It turned out, It is possible that the preventive protection of the genome of plants from hard x-rays by using adequate wave teams. Control experiments, with chaotic verbal builds (teams), entered through the FPU device in Biosystems genome, have shown, These commands have no effect on chromosomes. These effects are predicted and verified based on the theory of wave propagation of genes and using mathematical computer models, simulate read solitons on DNA genotekstov and retransmission of these texts into other cells and tissue [1-26]. In Figure 1. 2 and 3 show the results of numerical simulation of the dynamics of DNA conformational perturbations [11], showing the dependence of the behavior of seclusion (solitonopodobnoj) waves from the nucleotide sequence of DNA, where this wave was launched. Our other physical-mathematical models and experiments justify TN. „antenna effect” when excited by electromagnetic fields selected collective fashion DNA macromolecules. This is directly connected with the theory of wave propagation of genes, experiments in dvuhfotonnoj pumping genostruktur in vitro and subsequent laser radiation of DNA, and is consistent with the results of the DNA liquid crystals on memorization of infrared pulsed laser signal [29]. Go back to the hypothetical biokomp′ûteru, using a real wave function sign DNA. I see, that you must use when you develop not only the results of the experiment Adlemana and his followers. To realize their potential in vitro, DNA and/or hromomomy should be in their natural environment-in aqueous solution, simulating karioplazmu, and in liquid crystal State. The true wave control, including computer, genostruktur features can be identified in the, as close as possible to those, in the living cell. In the limit of a DNA computer is the living cell. Artificial analogue of cells while not possible. Now we can do only some models approach to wave a sign States the DNA in a cell, as we did with respect to the fixation of DNA-wave information for laser mirrors and regeneration of radiation damaged DNA seeds-radio frequency (see. above). Next, you need to start using wave memory types genostruktur and attempt to construct a memory location, working on the phenomenon of FPU-resonances and/or the ability to record holograms, as well as recording on the phenomenon of polarization-wave laser-DNA-information on localized (compressed, tangled) fotonah. This memory will be many orders of magnitude in terms of, speed, „intelligence” to surpass the existing magnetic memory, optical disks and mass storage units of holographic. The second possibility is related to the types of memory, but amplified the ability of chromosomes to be lazeroaktivnoj by the. Chromosome preparations are in this case both as memory cells, and as lasers, read your own (and navedennuû) holographic, FPU-memory and the memory of the localized fotonah. And finally, the last of the achievable goals is currently using quasi-speech characteristics of DNA. You can create such DNA-lasers, that will highlight and „voice” as a natural genoteksty, and artificial (synthesized by man) character sequence of polynucleotides, imitating natural quasi-speech genoprogrammy.

However, this is a very dangerous path and need a system of bans on artificial wave genes. This way of working with potential DNA computers means entering new areas of the human genome, semiotic, the entire biosphere, habitats, that nature uses to create human. This idea is reasonable, given the theoretical work on collective symmetry of the genetic code, conducted by Eugene is an illustrious creation at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Research School of Eugene is an illustrious creation show, that is a key part of information, written and recorded as a quasi-speech in the chromosomes of all organisms on our planet, is artificial. Our data on how, the chromosome continuum and DNA any Biosystems is one like antenna, open outside to receive additional (Perhaps, èkzobiologičeskoj) Information, confirm this [52]. You can think of, the genome of organisms of the Earth, at least in part, is the testing ground for semantic Èkzobiologičeskih influences, and in this respect substantially, We’ve found the primary approaches to integration in the area of semantic semiotiko.
Based on the said, You can predict, the following Outlook iconic manipulation genostrukturami, as the main substrate biokomp′ûterov:
(a)) the creation of artificial memory on genetic molecules, with a truly fantastic performance and capacity,
b) Establishment of DNA biokomp′ûtera, based on wave principles and comparable modes of information processing and functionality with the human brain,
in) realization of distant management of key information processes in biological systems through artificial biocomputers (treatment of cancer, Aids, genetic malformations, sociogenetičeskimi management processes and, eventually, human’s lifetime),
y.) active protection from destructive wave influences through the discovered information and wave channel,
d) light èkzobiologičeskih contacts.
To sum it up, ask — what remains of the logic stage experiments with DNA, offered by Adleman and other researchers in the field of DNA computing? This logic is vulnerable, because is based on simplified representations of the emblematic work of the chromosomes, as soon as the material substrate. Wave character functions genostruktur are not taken into account. This inevitably leads to deadlock in trying to use one-dimensional thinking about DNA when creating biokomp′ûtera. In fact, the computer must simulate the function genome in manipulating the wave of information — to create images, including quasi-voice, recognize their, manipulate them as a team. DNA-computer wave sign structures will have a huge biological, and can be, and mental activity. If you take these ideas, It must be a strategic allocation of funding in the genetics, Embryology and genetic engineering, as well as in DNA computing;. DNA-wave computers will be able to manage the supersložnymi processes, really comparable with metabolism and thinking. This is the more likely, because the genome, as we see it, uses the effects of quantum nonlocality.
More details about the hypothesis of quantum nonlocality genome.
In 1935. A. Einstein, B. Podolsky and n. Rosen [53] expressed the, the essence of which is as follows. Quantum object, for example, two of the photon, in the process of separating and scattering retain some semblance of communication (the effect of „tangle-free”, «link» (entangle)). The quantum state of one, for example, spin or polarization, can instantly (the zero time) be transferred to another photon, It is analogous to the first, and the first collapses, disappears. And vice versa. The distance between the photons can be any. This purely theoretical idea was named effect, Paradox or the Einstein-Podolsky-channel Rosen (ESR). As a synonym for this phenomenon has also been adopted the term „Quantum Nonlocality” (Quantum NonLocality). It emphasizes instantaneous distribution, nonlocality in the State space of the quantum States of elementary particles. It would seem, violates the principle of causality is the consequence and the reason are not separated by time, If understood as a way of organizing a series of events. So Einstein and collaborators, without the knowledge of the complex structure of time (for example, on the fractal), assess their purely theoretical, but, However,, rigidly formalized, model nepriložimuû how to practice, experiment.

It is a state of contradiction theory and the visible physical reality lasted for about 30 years. Then D. Bell [54] He developed the idea of the ESR. An active part in this also took h. Bennett et al [55]. The main difficulty was, that should have been in theoretical constructs do not violate the fundamental principle of quantum mechanics, If Heisenberg for dualističnogo real wave of understanding of quantum objects. This uncertainty principle is impossible to correct the simultaneous measurement of properties, for example, a photon, as waves and as elementary particles. This problem has been withdrawn after experimental proof of the existence of „sputannogo” (entangle) status of elementary particles. Perhaps, This „confusion” is the fundamental basis of wave transmission of genetic information between the cells of the body. There is no prohibition to consider living cells and DNA as a continuum of elementary particles. In a twisted position, both the elementary particles are part of the same quantum system, that all, What do you do on one of them, predictably affect another. Bennett and his colleagues believe, that muddled the Division of particles in space can serve as carriers of their mutual status and, Therefore, mutual information, Since any altered state of the particle, it’s information. For the experimental implementation of ESR-channel, It was necessary to the coexistence of three sputannogo and two-photon scattering, that was carried out by two groups of researchers-Vienna, led by Anton Cojlingerom, and Roman, under the direction of Francesco de Martini.
The experiences of the Group Cojlingera [56] and De Martini proved feasibility EPR principles in practice for transmission via optical fibers between the two polarization states of photons by a third at distances up to 10 kilometers. After this discovery in the leading countries are powerful programs to apply this effect to create optical quantum computers and quantum cryptography, where media and its system of protection will the photons. Speed and amount of information will be the dozens of orders of magnitude greater than any existing computers (especially, If the laser photons of liquid crystals of chromosomes). The idea of using the phenomenon of quantum Nonlocality biological profiles very attractive and in vision, and in practical terms, including the creation of DNA computers. She is well fit our data on wave landmark designation Geno-information-metabolic and mental of Biosystems. In this sense, the first, but pretty weak, an attempt to understand the applicable concept of ESR to the biosistemam made several earlier [57].
The work notes, that perception of reality is based on different organisms and, in a sense,, more effective principle, than the one, that is used in more formal procedures in science. This principle, on the thoughts of the authors, in some circumstances is „not fizičnyh” interkommunikacionnyh iconic interactions not statistically between spatially separated biological profiles, that is, telepathy. Why not „fizičnyh” and what is the ESR, It remains unclear.
Once again put a question, but more narrowly, and without affecting premature problem telepathy, -does the phenomenon of quantum nonlocality in the genetic apparatus of Biosystems? If Yes, How? I see, that assumption here would be of a preliminary nature. However,, the need for working hypotheses are overdue. In the versions of the genome wave [29, 30] EPR-effect is a desirable component of, which logically can make a chain of reasoning about the iconic features of the genome wave. Nonlocality of the genome, as coding and alienating the genoinformaciû chromosome continuum, had already been laid in his holographic functions. This sort of information is distributed in the genome, as the hologram and/or kvazigologramme, and as the fraktale simultaneously. This may be the case, If the genome from a purely physical perspective. The genoinformacii still not working quantum nonlocality. Genogologramma, If „read” her, causes the, the substance of the chromosomes has disposed of symbol-shaped wave fronts as guides of vectors biomorfogeneza.

Essential, You can say, fundamental addition here would be EPR-mechanism. As one way to control life processes, He attached a new potency of cells and tissues is the ability to instantly share some genetic and metabolic pools information between all the cells and tissues Biosystems, for example, After polarizing the photon channel and radio waves, as mentioned above. If this is real, then it becomes clear, why a strategic landmark biomolecules — nucleic acids and proteins are the L-isomer of components, spiral spin and, Accordingly,, a strong capacity for dispersion of optical rotation, circular dihroizmu and dual lučeprelomleniû. Now you can understand differently and the isomeric quantum and other bio-organic molecules. Asymmetry of their atoms and next from isomerism and optical activity is the ability to quickly auto scan biosistemoj polarization, holographic and a real wave of its own metabolism and its current short-term fine spatio-temporal structure.
Characteristic, the success of an experimental quantum teleportation achieved, in particular, because, to generate photon, breeding them in space and their „programming” used waveguides (fiberoptics), UV lasers pumped and polarizers. Formally, The, These components are bioanalogi in the form of the microtubules of the cellular nucleus and cytoplasm, coherent radiation, DNA and chromosomes. The last time are information biopolârizatorami your own laser radiation, and then the, DNA and chromosomes that are lazeroaktivnoj by the, our direct experiments [21].
If ESR-factor works in biological systems, It is logical to ask, Why organisms are so efficient form of handling bio-information they speed and what they need is a nervous impulses, rate of passage which (8-10m / s.) far from the speed of light in the DNA wave biokomp′ûtere of living cells? You can only make an assumption, that the nervous system require higher organisms, to delay processing and assimilation of too rapid information processes, the evolution of the biosphere had not yet reached. Most likely, nervous system function and quantum nonlocality genome is complementary and coexist, sometimes giving surges as paranormal abilities-computers, or telepathy, not to mention the many other „anomalies” Biosystems, theoretically meaningful part of our earlier [29, 30].
We are convinced, that artificial DNA wave computer will mark a revolution in the management of not only of bioprocesses, but it will be used in the sociotehnologiâh regardless of, whether we like it or not. И в этом большая потенциальная опасность неправедного использования таких технологий.

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