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Considered quantum processes on one type of Helium-Neon lasers, with two orthogonal optical fashion, capable record polarizing modulation sensed biostructures hologram recording mode traveling wave intensity. Such a process is a model of recording and distant broadcast wave of genetic information.

Consider an experimental setup (Fig. 1), used by us for the spectral characteristics and wave broadcast running genetic information [1, 3-10].

Rice. 1.

Installation consists of a Helium-Neon laser LGN-303 power 2 mW and a wavelength of 632.8 nm, has two combined, fashion single-frequency radiation. There is an adjustment table for placement and guidance a bio-object to 3-m spatial axes.
In each of the 2 x Mod this laser has the orthogonal and linear-polarized radiation planes. When sensing a bio-object installation functioning laser light gives rise to a number of interrelated optical-physical phenomena and biological phenomena.
The first phenomenon – This generation of the laser in the laser’s primary, under the influence of the light source – lamp-pumped.
Configuring, raises the frequency stabilized laser dvuhmodovoe with orthogonal linear polarizations.
The second phenomenon is the fall of primary, nemodulirovannogo beam on bioobrazec formation, as a result of optical reflection of complex frenelevskogo (in the nearest zone) „scattering spectrum», as well as recycled modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation (MBER) [1, 3].
As already stressed, bioob″ekt is a non-linear environment, all elements responding directly to an external laser effect.
Maximum item size a bio-object., able to rough reflection equals ¼ wavelength laser, i.e.. It has a size of about 150 microns.
Laser light, as you know, will be in each local point penetration ability, Depending on the specific properties of a bio-object..
Similarly,, the specific properties of laser beams depend on the place of the meteorite fall – degree and reflection angles, refraction or absorption.
Changes of amplitudes, phase and polarization angles at each point, as well as the overall picture of the cross-interference of all secondary sources of re-radiation bioobrazca generate cumulative reflection.
It is formed in the vicinity of a bio-object. (near zone Fresnel diffraction [24]) and creates light picture (glow), which should be called a spectrum reflection (Fig. 2).

Rice. 2.

A very important characteristic of this spectrum (compared to the incident beam) It is the appearance of many new phones (as temporary, and spatial), Nonlinear Optical responses of sub-elements of a bio-object..
But, In addition, in his integral response to a particular substrate live response, substantial and distinguishing feature of which is the Adaptive meaning, that peculiar, for example, structures of the human brain on algorithms for multilayer (integral) perseptronov [40].
Spectrum of reflection has a „bell-shaped” form, which is the spearhead of the laser resonator back into a bio-object..

Specifics of use of spectrum scattering experiment is, the adjustment table, where lies the reflecting bioobrazec, a large part of the spectrum of the reflected light (Fig. 3) is sent back, through the translucent front mirror resonator laser, -inside laser resonator.

Rice. 3

The consequence of this adjustment is partial penetration of reflected light back, in the laser resonator, a consequence of this we have the following:
In the first place, modulated (difragirovannyj) bioobrazcom light, reflected in the Reed, the laser starts to grow. Almost as, as previously nemodulirovannyj light source intensified pumping.
Secondly, from the laser will radiate no longer flat, is a modulated wave, It is a much more complex wave, that promodulirovana biological structures. First of all, – chromosomal DNA, as well as RNA, proteins and other metabolites.
Promodulirovana this wave will be on different parameters, including, on polarization (the backs of the photons), that also has a bioznakovuû function.
Genetic structure of optically active and contain a huge pool of structural and dynamic information, including genetic [1, 3-9].
It is such a complex wave and will be strengthened by our laser.
As a result, we will have a zone 2-crossing oncoming wave beams (along the axis of the laser) with a multitude of different frequencies, Since all possible types of scattering, reflection and refraction on the optical nonlinear objects give rise to optical spectra with very rich frequency spectra.
Complex interference above raznočastotnyh and modulated waves is essential for the formation and record Special Holograms into oncoming bunches. Usually for recording of interference patterns (and convert entries in hologram) required screens, or fotoregistriruûŝie plates, capable of fixing interferograms obtained/holograms.
However, in our case, this is not required, Since we are dealing with a special kind of hologram Denisûka (with dynamic hologram of traveling waves of intensity).
Feature of these holograms in the, they are highly non-linear, with. quadratic environments [26], which are the fabric and Biosystems [18].
Let the wave of investigated bioobrazca, as a total wave torrent A1 = (Ah A0), where Ah is the flow of light scattered from bioobrazca, but „A0-primary (nemodulirovannaâ) wave of laser radiation.
The Wave Of „A1”, as can be seen from the descriptions of our experience, This enhanced wave, the primary source which was reflected from bioobrazca light (frenelevskij spectrum).
Towards enhanced wave A1 = (Ax + A0) the moves to be nearly the same wave, but not reinforced, « – A1», that creates a unique picture of the interference with a dynamic counter hologram of traveling waves of intensity.
Special conditions for such an account is:
1. the existence of stable in time and space of intersection of two colliding beams („A1″ and ” – A1») directly in the space (volume) our bioobrazca.
2. a hard-modulated polarization and phase component in bunches of light, created due to interaction of coherent laser radiation with a nonlinear bioobrazcom.
3. the frenelevskih reflection spectra of both beams, where the different frequency components interfere with, to ensure a dynamic hologram of traveling waves of intensity (TESTER).
As was proved by j. n.. Denisûkom [24] and several of his colleagues [27-31] dynamic hologram of traveling waves of intensity ” (TESTER) is a special hologram.
Let, that, in fact, it is a unique (and little known to a wide range of professionals) the holography is its ability to record holograms of light on the light, as well as the restoration of the „light” hologram (with light structures) in the form of new lighting structures.
Fundamentally, it is important to note, the specified process, as a complex interaction of light waves, directly optical (the human eye) There has been no. AND, Perhaps, He was therefore not attracted. However,, the phenomenon of birth and features holograms of traveling waves of intensity (TESTER), an academician of the USSR ACADEMY of SCIENCES u. n.. Denisûkom, really known (since 1974), repeatedly proven by experiments, and lots of related work and mathematical calculations [27].

An iconic focus of GBVI.
1. In the inner zone of intersection „opposite beams of light, i.e.. within the non-linear bioobrazca, is a classic law of refraction of light (Snell’s law). And for this reason alone the phenomenon of interaction any two material bundles of photons (strictly paired) becomes, on the one hand, possible, on the other hand, invisible to the naked eye the normal observer.
2. Once both of the light beam coming out of the zone of intersection, the classical laws of Snell’s newly restored automatically, a special interaction of wave fronts (Puchkov) the light stops.
That is why cross-beams of light, consisting of material, as they say, photons, after their real interaction in the inner zone of intersection, at the exit from it do not contain any traces of this interaction-no record, No restore of holograms.
3. Now it becomes clear, the laser unit, We used in genetic experiments, a new practical and powerful means of identifying the phenomenon of hidden hologram TESTER.
We Remind, What is the creeping wave intensity. In 1974-1978 g.g. the attention of the u. n.. Denisûka caught for recording moving objects a new class of recording mediums-nonlinear-optical, that led to the simultaneous dynamic write and read information about an object without stabilization running interference paintings. Yuri Nikolaevich considered the most common display properties of a new class of holograms-dynamic holograms with a cubic nonlinear media.
This consideration led him to predict the amazing properties of dynamic hologram of a moving object – auto focus turned on him with advance in space, defined by its current speed [27, 28].
For the cycle of works on dynamic holography u. n.. Denisyuk in 1982 was awarded the USSR State Prize (the team of authors).
In 1998-2005 g.g. After working in Italy, upon his return home, Y. N.. Denisyuk again returned to the theme of the holographic record of running interference paintings.
This time he turned to use for recording holograms in quadratic nonlinear media c extremely high performance, down to femtoseconds shares, that allows dynamic holography using the methods of the convert and build new light beams, different frequency at tens or hundreds of percent. He has studied in detail the transformational properties of such holograms, determining the position of the, scale and color of the images as when generating images on the second harmonic of the recording laser hologram, and in the case of, When the wavelengths are different from each other and generate images on summary frequencies [27, 28].
Physical essence of the phenomenon of holograms TESTER – This is a periodic phenomenon, expressing yourself as a sequence of alternating light waves with different intensity.
On fig. 4 shows the scheme of work, that describes the emergence of such holograms TESTER.

Fig. 4.

Creeping wave intensity is formed by the interference of the reference wave with complex, in General, random, wave radiation, ambient object (
It follows: hologram of traveling waves of intensity occurs only in quadratic nonlinear media and in the inner zone of intersection opposite beams of light (inside bioobrazca).
Secondly, the hologram is recorded (and repairing itself) only in the presence of light beams with raznočastotnymi and polarized wave components of light waves.
Third, the hologram of traveling waves of intensity is suitable to work with bystroprotekaûŝimi processes up to fractions of femtoseconds, that matches the speed of processes inside living biological http objects:// .
Atoms in these time points are virtually immobile. Only, can be, hundreds of femtoseconds you can still notice some displacement of atoms in the crystal lattice, but in dozens of femtoseconds atoms can already be considered just stills, and this is the area, dominated by electrons, a variety of electronic phenomena [2].

But the electrons, In fact, also moving with different frequencies, with different speeds. That is, the outer electrons are moving slower, the inner Atomic electrons are moving faster.
But the word „move” refers to, that they have been found with certain probabilities around an atom, But if you run some kind of a Nonstationary process — for example,, outrage as Atom or dislodge the electron, are you starting a flowing wave functions.
If there is a fast process, where are the charges, for example electrons, the protons, the, means, You may experience electromagnetic radiation, and it’s just a frequency corresponds to the typical jump times, are you in the process and there is.
Therefore,, If you take a close look at this process and register the Flash of electromagnetic radiation, then you can, decrypting the outbreak and to learn something about the process.
Recently it has been applied to an interesting squirrel – bakteriorodopsinu. This is a unique protein. Real in nature it is a specific type of bacteria, and it’s built into their membrane, that is, it sits in the membrane, and he makes the following function. This is a light-sensitive protein: When his cover light, It starts a cycle, a cascade of processes, adjustment, a reconfiguration of this protein, the result of which is the transfer of a Proton from one end of the molecule to another. Since this protein is embedded in the membrane, It turns out, what coverage it works like proton pump. It from one part of the, pumps the protons from one area to another area and there they go, again takes the Proton, pumping and releases. It Turned Out, that this protein has a stage with a completely different temporal scale. Generally the whole cycle runs for about 20-30 milliseconds, that is quite slow.
But certain stages take place in microseconds, and some steps in these phases take place even for a nanosecond and even for PS, There are a range of 12 orders of magnitude in the various transitions in the molecule. The first response of this molecule to light it is performed for 1-2 PS. And to understand the dynamics of this process, requires method, that allows you to go deeper, the picosecond range, that is, in the femtosecond range, at least hundreds or tens of femtoseconds is seen using this technique.
Thus, We can conclude that, that dynamic hologram TESTER-is the most, the tool is coveted dream of physicists and biologists.
Using this dynamic holography has been possible. convert and form new beams of light, different frequency at tens or hundreds of percent [27, 28, 30].
It is the phenomenon and has been fixed in our experimental setup – unusual occurrence frequency fluctuations, correlated with the content of the bio-objects, irradiated light laser radiation. However,, for the sake of Justice, It should be noted, that raznočastotnyj response bioobrazca to laser exposure may have a number of other, different causes, including the interpretation of the, described in previous models [3, 4].
So, We interpret it in a new way that very phenomenon, for a long time did not find his explanations. But we give only one of the versions of, where is the radio signal, vigorously carrying genetic information. This version supplements earlier proposed us hypothesis occurrence mŠÈI based on the theory of localized light [3].
The radio signal is generated by a dynamic hologram is the TESTER at the expense of fast reading (down to femtoseconds) complex response of all optically active molecule bioobrazca, including DNA, RNA and Proteins, the sophisticated laser effect. Such a radio signal is part of the modulated wideband secondary electromagnetic radiation (MBER) This laser.

Such mŠÈI „is not fully researched the accompanying phenomenon work hologram TESTER, which manifests itself in the transformation of integral light response bioobrazca, contains including chromosomal DNA, When reading its information content. Contribution to the information content of mŠÈI and also provide all other optically active molecules (metabolites) investigational bioobrazca-amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins, organic acids, etc..
It is important to note two things. They is, that dynamic lattice waves of intensity in our hologram TESTER has an extremely high resolution, that makes it easy to read and record the DNA of substructure, RNA, Proteins and low molecular metabolites with sizes many times less, than ¼ wave laser (Perhaps, down to the atomic level).
The second circumstance is that, such high-resolution dynamic structure of light waves of intensity, the role of the spectrometer, and yet highly, and while the unpredictable, dynamic as in the volume of living cells in vivo, and when we used laser sensing biosubstratov in vitro.
Thus a comprehensive scan of the sample, that is, the integral of its total volume scan content – in a non linear hard-modulated radio signal, as part of the mŠÈI.
But, with all this, This is just one, private form response, because there are other forms in the context of the concepts of TN. „nonlinear optics”.
Any living cell, biotkan′ or body, Naturally, will strive to adapt to unusual as direct laser effects, and secondary mŠÈI.
If this type of signal mŠÈI record and „read” in a certain way, each cell of any other, «listening» mŠÈI the body can get a signal-program function in the return direction. For Example, run processes in the organism, reverse aging, What we are seeing in a number of cases on the use of mŠÈI .
There is a third fact. All the above processes take place in a particular space-time Biosystems.
As a result, there is far from a trivial phenomenon. In the practical application of our laser technology we get, probably related to, a combination of Biosystems in its space-time with her same information prototype, on which (in his time) the biosystem and materialized by nature. This idea of Boma and a Universal Hologram Berkovica or the physical universe, where chromosomal DNA any Biosystems is a „bar code” to its structural-functional State, required at a given time. That is, we are conducting some correction of human health. This corresponds to the status of universal Berkovica-Boma information (hologram), Displays all things, including the man from his birth till death [41, 42]. In this regard, the mŠÈI cord blood and placentas of newborns, Perhaps, are sort of addresses to their holographic images and/or bar codes, that is used by us for the normalization of the health.
Moreover, probably related to, These two objects (Man and his hologram Bohm) not only coexist, but intensively interact.
Here manifests another amazing property holograms dynamic traveling waves of intensity.
Omitting detailed explanations, Let’s say the only important thing.
As has been said, light image, with holograms of ODI being restored and combined with its original fully equivalent to the Info.
Out of the usual holography is known, some common property: When you restore of holograms is not only the main image object, but the second, psevdoskopičeskoe, „the imaginary” original image.
And as a rule, This image is considered to be „illusory” to, boast industry leading. So with him to fight, because. It is as though it takes energy from the useful „valid” image source original.

Hologram in the ODI all wrong, as in conventional hologram. Experimentally determined, the holograms (TESTER) spectral structure of radiation psevdoskopičeskogo („imaginary”) images, is distorted in accordance with the law of the Doppler effect. And that is why reading radiation does not affect the structure of the hologram TESTER. What this means in practice?
So this is what, that while there and a bulk material dynamic standing wave system – object model, able to record and play back any radiation of real objects, but an imaginary image it does not create. First thought, that holography traveling waves no intensity Wednesday will not be able to reproduce the subtle, high-frequency oscillation intensity. However, this proved a mistake. Moreover, It was discovered, that reproducible any fluctuations. But, the most important thing was that the, that hologram TESTER, steel forming only one image, identical to the original.
„Imaginary” is always automatically samopodavlâetsâ (extinguished) a „valid” Ray (Oh) -always intensifies [27].
Therefore,, eventually, always dominates only the media image, coding biome, Which one, as we have already pointed out, completely combined with real biosistemoj. This means, the real biosystem gets, How would a reinforced, double white wireframe. And because – powerful energy-informational recharge, as well as a direct opportunity for further adjustment of its structure, If we have the appropriate technology . The specific content of such additional adjustments we here do not consider.
However,, semantic content of this phenomenon (in our conditions) You can express the biblical: „Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness” (Genesis. 1, 26).
An interesting and important result may be another, a side, an experiment on the same laser installation.
If in the course of the experiment with the adjustment table source radiotherapy treatment field bioobrazec, then for a while nothing will change, because real estate will be fully replaced its full holographic copy, which the information and is not physically distinguishable from the original.
On this account there is not only the direct experimental verification of wave genetics (Phantom images) [32, 33], but purely physical, implemented at the atomic level, as described, for example, in the work of the [24].
Phantom forms can be illustrated by the way [37], If you take the meaning of these phenomena so. Us is (It seems to, It seems and is) something, that is not physically (or non-existent in reality).
For Example, We can record on a hologram of an ordinary optical lens, and then, After chemical treatment (manifestations of) This hologram, the sunlight use this completely flat „hologram lens», as a real lens. And it will successfully replace the physically real lens, Although structurally and physically she did not like it.
Fig. 5
This is another fundamental property of holography: Holography-direct alternate reality.
In biological experiments, this phenomenon also finds its practical confirmation.
In particular, the phenomena that he found while porting content simple biosubstrata-mŠÈI range of glucose (in audio mp3 format), the samples of purified water. This resulted in the water some phantom glucose equivalent, that gave high-quality colour reaction for glucose in special test strips (Fig. 5).
This situation is analogous to the materialization of the DNA fragment mŠÈI (DNA phantom) in the polymerization chain reaction (PCR)Полимеразная_цепная_реакция )

Fig. 6

(Rice. 6) This phenomenon, discovered group p. Garâeva [32].
Identification (materialization) Phantom DNA fragment by PCR with a known sequence of nucleotides. Phantom DNA obtained copyright method [32, patent 2014/06578. 8]. The nucleotide sequences obtained materialized phantom copy of DNA is 98% identical to the original real donor DNA (data about this prepared for printing).

From left to right 1-St, 4 th and 6 th bands (strips) – DNA, synthesized in pure water. 11th Bend – DNA sample (268 bp), mŠÈI has been received from a range of, filed on clean water. The 12th track – bands markers 139, 268, 394 and 613 base pairs of DNA, the lower band this track – šmery primers. 9th track – control without the impact of DNA mŠÈI.

has independent confirmation of group nobeliata l. Montagnier, that also got phantom DNA, but a slightly different method, and also his PCR System materialize [33].
In these experiment some, While not fully understandable properties of glucose and phantoms „cheated” DNA chemical reagent for sugar test strips and DNA polymerase in PCR System, the ghost host glucose and DNA molecules for real. It is necessary to emphasize certain difficulties with detent powered Phantom effects and their materialization, associated with unpredictability in time points fantomoobrazovaniâ and their materialization. This is due, probably related to, with unpredictable yet dynamic hologram traveling wave intensity for bio.
Close transfer, probably related to, fundamentally it is possible for holographic polarization information DNA. As discussed here, „dynamic grid waves of intensity” is, in essence, the usual material probes, then it, like any diffraction grating (ETC), is able to perform the functions of the spectral device, i.e.. refract light (like a glass Prism) Depending on the characteristics of your resolution and frequency of light and angle of incidence of the light on the surface ETC.

This is illustrated in Figure 2.7.
What are the conclusions from the above?
The main conclusion is that, that reflected from the bioobrazca spectrum radiation, set up the grid, will contain a huge amount of valuable information and processes and elements of the structure of living cells. Including DNA composed of chromosomes. And you can learn to extract, explore and exploit.
To understand the importance of this, Suffice it to recall the, a breakthrough in remote (uncontact) research methods have a variety of spectral devices. Even in a simple wedge (Fig. 8) color, raznočastotnyj, spectrum is obtained by, that fixed the dielectric constant glass prisms, each color (the white light) flow to your, individual angle.

Rice. 8.

Processes (in our biotechnological experiments) in the hologram TESTER are similar, but they are more complex, because there occur simultaneously and other optical-physical processes.
But we, First of all, We would like to remind, that reflected from the living laser spectrum is a live object information signal, who has been modulated by on all optical parameters – amplitude, phase, terms of the reflection, absorption and polarization.
Therefore, dynamic hologram TESTER, as a complication of an ordinary diffraction gratings, will be recorded and restored in a variety of informational parameters bioobrazca Ah, where Oh-content bioobrazca.
Technically, living a nonlinear environment can be briefly presented in the form of a chain of linked oscillatory circuits (electric lines), Modulated (bioobrazcom), light, spreading such nonlinear medium, with quadratic nonlinearity, it modulates the permittivity. Optical radiation power is the amount of energy, allocated per unit of time. The, If the laser in continuous operation, has a capacity of ~ 2 MW/sec, While in pulse mode, e.g. 1 millisecond, laser power will increase in 1000 and will amount to as much as 2 W. The process of converting laser optical frequencies in more low-frequency radio, as already mentioned above, occurs in a nonlinear medium bioobrazca, where two competing optical laser beam in our experiments. In our case this nonlinear source itself is bioobrazec, contains the chromosomal DNA.
Hologram theory TESTER should also, that whole structure (System) the intensity of the waves moves with speed, the proportional difference between the frequencies of interference by other waves.
With this proven, that hologram TESTER is capable of reproducing the subtlest and most high-frequency fluctuations, phase and amplitude [27, 31].
This is because, that under the influence of waves of intensity of the dielectric constant gets some outrage, that and changes the wave functions.
But, It is this part of the perturbed wave function, is the desired wave radiation function, the restored hologram TESTER.
Back to the issue of „mŠÈI” in the aspect of his nature. The nature „mŠÈI” has been interpreted above us on the basis of the dynamic effects of holograms TESTER.

Rice. 9. Block diagram method and programmable equipment to change the metabolism of MSK.
Flowchart Fitting
Donor wave information, in the form of „mŠÈI” can be, for example, the drug is cortex – radial GLIA cells, a recipient of genetic information-the genome of mesenchymal stem cells (MSK).
In doing so, MSK will reside outside of the laser beam, and it means, She can perceive external genetic information only through the phenomenon of „mŠÈI” (Fig. 9).
This study was conducted, MSK were programmed to differentiate into neurons and entered the bloodstream of the paralyzed man with a damaged spinal cord. Multiple MSCs patient administration sessions led to the return of motor function in 90% of its initial immobility (Подготовлено к печати).

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